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by Dario Fo
translated by Loredana Chircu

produced by Deva Art Theatre

directed by: Kemal Başar
designer: Mc Ranin
lighting design: Yuksel Aymaz
choreography: Hugo Wolff
Second director: Daniel Ionescu

by Matei Vișniec
adaptation by: Ileana Alexandra Orlich

Production by Arizona State University, in partnership with ESUA Association and Cluj-Napoca National Theatre.
Performance presented in English.

With: Dragoș Pop and Lance Gharavi
Directed by: Dragoș Pop

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre invites you to the annual Doors Open Day dedicated to the World Theatre Day, 27 March

the entrance in the theatre will be free between 12 and 6pm and you will have the opportunity to participate to a series of events for all tastes and ages: backstage tours guided by actors of the theatre, an interactive theatre performance dedicated to the children, music concerts, meetings and readings with writers from Cluj, video-exhibition of photos and posters, projection of a closed production of the theatre followed by a Q&A session with actors from the cast, an open rehearsal followed by a Q&A session with the actors and creative.

During the event, the elegant and delicious Coffee shop Doamna T will be expecting you on the last floor foyer with delicacies, and the theatre’s bookstore, together with Cărtureşti bookstore will provide you an equally appetizing books.

ALL-IN is a different show. It contains jokes, stories, music and dance. It is a cheerful but prankish show, faultfinding but most importantly soft.


My motto for this show is a famous one, adapted to the current structure: "we must not forget to enjoy ourselves or we won’t enjoy ourselves".


Dragoș Pop