by N.V. Gogol
Opening date: Sunday, February 7 2021 12+ 2h

"The longer and more carefully we look at a funny story, the sadder and more bitter it becomes in the end." (N.V. Gogol)

Our show is a classical one, made for the public, I dare say - even for a full house. This may sound like a nice dream, especially at the moment, but let us not forget that the troubles we are facing now will eventually pass. Life will triumph, the dramatic arts and the need to come together will not disappear, and, indeed, the theatre will be full once again. Anyway, after almost one month of online readings, discussions, and analyses, we tried to behave normally and to work as usual when we finally got on stage (another virtual space). There was a growing energy at all times. And for that, I must thank my colleagues (actors, scenographers, magical helpers, and technicians) - for their vitality and trust. Especially since this was a somehow unusual situation for them, as well: while they were used to working with a "classical" director, they were now dealing with me, a colleague who was telling them what to do. Will you look at that! But, lo and behold, there was plenty of dialogue, no capriciousness whatsoever, and the show was produced.

The construction of this atypical comedy by Gogol is carefully designed and finely calibrated. It is not the kind of comedy that makes you constantly laugh out loud till you drop. But it is also not for those accustomed to thin-lipped smiles. We included various elements which should please both the sceptical academic and the stubborn ticket inspector. The show is for everybody, it is free of any artistic affectation or stylistic rigmaroles.

I simply tried not to betray the author or his story and to build a show that serves the actors and, certainly, the public. See you there!

Ionuț Caras 

director: Ionuț Caras
set and costume design: Zsófia Gábor
consultant Card Tricks: Florin Suciu
lighting designer: Jenel Moldovan
Photography for the poster: Claudiu Guraliuc

Ikharev: Mihai-Florian Nițu
Uteșitelnîi: Matei Rotaru
Krugel: Miron Maxim
Shvohnev: Cosmin Stănilă
Alexei, Tavern Servant: Cristian Grosu
Gavryushka, Servant of Ikharev: Petre Băcioiu
Glov, the father: Cornel Răileanu
Glov, the son: Radu Dogaru
Zamukhryshkin: Ruslan Bârlea
A voiceless character: Irina Wintze