by Radu F. Alexandru
Opening date: Friday, October 16 2020 14+ 1h 30 min.
The National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca presents the premiere of an original theatrical project created especially and exclusively for online distribution, the video-show IN THE MIRROR by Radu F. Alexandru, directed by Andreea Iacob.

Filming took place at the National Theatre, in the Euphorion Studio, and in various outdoor locations. Subsequently, the edit (video and audio) resulted in a collective meditation on the encounter with and the mirrored image of the self, a search for meaning between reality and phantasm.

We invite you to witness Matei's excursion into memory, imagination, and introspection, in an encounter with an interlocutor whom we will discover together, in the nine chapters of this new project by the National Theatre.

"The video-show IN THE MIRROR is a meditation on the subject of encounters. We are the sum of our relationships, but our relationships are in their turn the mirror of our self, just as the interior and the exterior are in constant competition and challenge each other, while also aspiring to a mutual embrace - at least a temporary one. We all become, we all go through this process, even though we do it unconsciously in most cases. Our character takes this step, becoming his own observer, after a process in which the past and the present, reality and imagination, the possible and the impossible keep intersecting." (Andreea Iacob) 

director: Andreea Iacob
set and costumes design: Cristian Rusu
filmare și montaj video: Dragoș Popa
lighting designer: Jenel Moldovan

Matei: Dan Chiorean
Cu participarea actrițelor: Alexandra Tarce, Andreea Șovan, Adriana Băilescu, Elena Ivanca, Miriam Cuibus, Irina Wintze, Angelica Nicoară, Romina Merei, Diana Buluga