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participatory installation

a co-production by Create.Act.Enjoy and the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca

artistic concept & directed by: Andreea Iacob, Diana Buluga
set and costume design: Gábor Zsófia
music: József Iszlai
VR design: Loop Virtual Reality
video mapping: Virgil Puiac
poster design: Cristian Luchian
consultants: Gabriela Pop, Samuel Bud, Alina Biro
research: Marina Dascăl


OASES OF SILENCE is a participatory art installation that asks us to revisit our relationship with nature and, ultimately, with ourselves. The installation consists of a journey through virtual reality, from a macro to a micro perspective on our immediate universe, as well as a video mapping experience, through which the participants interact with the digital images and sounds of a few representations of nature.
The atmosphere of the installation is meant to provide the perfect environment to access a profound state of relaxation, which can contribute to one’s sense of wellness, clarity and safety: similar effects to the brain’s Theta state.
Taking part in the installation is free of charge. It is an individual experience and every person needs to make a reservation. The installation can accommodate two people at the same time (an interval of 20 minutes).
The participatory art installation Oases of Silence has been completed with the support of AFCN (National Cultural Funds Administration).


Opening date: Thursday, October 27 2022

"Euphorion" Studio
20 min.