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by Vlad Zografi

director: Emanuel Petran

Emanuel Petran
Diana-Ioana Licu
Extras: Florin Ivănușcă, Nicolae Olt

For most people, illness is an abnormality, a limit to one’s freedom of action, while prolonged illness is a catastrophe. For Vlad Zografi’s character, however, the opposite is true: illness becomes a normal, constant state, with leprosy being the ultimate disease; the protagonist is freed from all the constraints of a stifling existence, filled with intensive medical and affective care. The leper is marginalised and rejected by everybody, having to deal with a society which is afraid of anything contagious or incurable. But this time, the patient is free to rebel, to seek revenge on those who didn’t actually harm him in any way but rather tried to help him. Distance becomes a sort of arme blanche. This is the paradox and the dramatic core of the play: subjectivity, the sense of injustice and the implicit legitimisation of revenge by seizing what is not ours to take but which can always be justified. The character takes us with him on a delirious voyage, in the whirlwind of his thoughts, memories and projections, just like an actor who is constantly reshaping his dramatic environment, while also reinventing his interlocutors.
Ștefana Pop-Curșeu

Opening date: Friday, September 9 2022

"Euphorion" Studio
1h 10 min.