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based on texts by Natalia Vorojbit, Tetiana Kițenko, Natalia Blok
translated to Romanian by Raluca Rădulescu

stage reading after the texts Sasha, take out the garbage by Natalia Vorojbit, Let's call them by their name by Tetiana Kițenko, Our children by Natalia Blok

director: Ionuț Caras
set and costume design: Anastasiia Fedotova
live music: Pasha Fedotov

Adriana Băilescu
Diana-Ioana Licu
Matei Rotaru

stage manager: Ioan Negrea
lighting technicians: Mădălina Mânzat, Ionuț Maier
sound technician: Vlad Negrea

What do we know about war? Nothing at all. What do we know about the experience of losing a loved one, of watching them disappear without a trace? What do we know about bombings, raids, bullets, rape, or murdered children? Absolutely nothing. 


Indeed, we see the images, we listen to the news, we empathise (more or less), we help the best way we can but, in fact, we know nothing. We rebel from time to time (less and less frequently), we utter a God help us, maybe we shed a tear. But our life goes on, doesn’t it? We are caught up in our own war: against our state (or against its absence or inefficiency), against our peers, against ourselves. We go through wars that last one day (based on the news delivered to us) or we participate, quite intensely, in fictitious fights occurring in the virtual world; that’s it: we are tiny, pathetic heroes. 


But the dead, their sacrifice, the chaos, the drama – all of these are real, they are actually happening. In our immediate proximity. 

Each of our three dramatic texts speaks in its own way about the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine. They are meant to make us aware of what is happening, to make us more empathetic, to prevent us from forgetting (the way we have forgotten so many other things). To make us human, after all.  


I am glad I was able to collaborate with Anastasiia and Pasha Fedotov (set and costumes design, music), because they represent the living, real, concrete part of the dramatic situation we are talking about. They (and thousands like them – refugees and not only) are the reason why we ventured to produce Theatre in Wartime. 


In the hope that we might provide some help, that we might find a way to heal. 



Ionuț Caras





Opening date: Friday, July 1 2022

"Euphorion" Studio
1h 15 min.