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by Alexandra Felseghi

director: Adina Lazăr
text: Alexandra Felseghi
set design: Andreea Tecla
costumes: Andra Handaric
choreographer: Andrea Gavriliu
sound design: Adrian Piciorea
video design: Ioana Pop, Daniela Groza
designer colaborator: Adrian Balcău
assistant director: Oana Tămaș
set and costume design assistant: Florin Suciu
dramaturgy assistant: Codruța Cadar
poster design: Milena Mistodie
lighting designer: Jenel Moldovan

Andreea Tomuță: Diana Buluga
Elena Vasiliu: Sânziana Tarța
Maria Berbeceanu: Adriana Băilescu
Monica Tomuță: Elena Ivanca
Reporter: Angelica Nicoară
Choir: Diana-Ioana Licu, Angelica Nicoară, Elena Ivanca, Adriana Băilescu
Alexandru Berbeceanu: Ionuț Caras
Flavius Obăcescu: Matei Rotaru
Sere Ghinoiu: Adrian Cucu
Ady Cucui: Cosmin Stănilă
Valy Cucui: Radu Dogaru

stage manager: Răzvan Pojonie
lighting technicians: Alexandru Corpodean, Ionuț Maier
sound technician: Marius Rusu
video technician: Vasile Crăciun
prompter: Alina Forna

What can theatre do nowadays? It can channel the past and help us remember the significant figures in the history of humanity, stirring up ancient energies capable of opening for us doors deemed closed for eternity. It can scrutinise the present, separating the wheat from the chaff, sifting life, too nebulous to see clearly. It can envision the future and point to the end of the tunnel, so that we, actors or spectators, can choose what kind of People we want to be. And thus, speaking out on social injustice, on the countless unseen acts of torture, on the indifference and cowardice of those who have sworn to defend the vulnerable, and on the impossibility of living after all the lights have gone out, means using the sieve and exposing what is left after the sifting, blowing rusty doors wide open and letting in the vengeful ancient Erinyes, so that one day the society we all dream of will light up into life. The voice which uttered the words Hang up, calls waiting will fade out, metamorphosing into meaningful action, and theatre will have fulfilled one of its major goals.


Ștefana Pop-Curșeu 



Opening date: Saturday, December 18 2021

Main stage
1h 45 min.