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written by Răzvan Mureșan, based on texts by Matei Vișniec

director: Răzvan Mureșan
image: Darius Abrudan
video editing: Marius Mureșan, Robert Kocsis
assistant director: Teofil Pașca
music: Paul Tonca
sound design: Robert Kocsis
drone filming: Darius Abrudan
special effects: Marius Lumperdean

The man in the circle: Cosmin Stănilă
The man with the horse: Radu Lărgeanu
The whispering woman: Irina Wintze
The peaceful madwoman: Diana Buluga
The feverish madwoman: Diana Buluga
The lucid madwoman: Diana Buluga
The philosopher: Matei Rotaru
The meat-eater: Miron Maxim
The vagabond: Cristian Grosu
The girl with the spyglass: Alexandra Tarce
The sniper: Sânziana Tarța / Adrian Cucu
The woman with the apple: Patricia Brad
The brain washer: Radu Dogaru
The man nailed to the cross: Cătălin Codreanu

”We are all inside a circle at this very moment. In fact, we are often encircled. We were encircled during the communist era, too. Sometimes we are encircled because of tradition, family, or personal obssessions... Man is always trying to escape the circles encircling him. There are various concentric circles encompassing us, since our very birth. Sometimes even family can be such a circle, sometimes the State, ideology or globalisation... There is always a source of oppression or coercion around, and I have captured this human desire for escape in a story – an allegory, a philosophical fable: The Man in the Circle.”

Matei Vișniec

Opening date: Saturday, October 1 2022