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by William Shakespeare
translated to Romanian by Nina Casian and Radu Nichita

director: Gábor Tompa
set and costume design: Carmencita Brojboiu
music and sound design: Lucian Ban - cu excepția piesei „Cosmos“ de Vangelis (reorchestrată de Lucian Ban) și a „Baroque Suite for String Quartet“ (anonim)
choreographer: Jakab Melinda
video design: Radu Daniel
assistant director: Teofil Pașca
lighting design: Jenel Moldovan

Prospero: Marcel Iureș / Ionuț Caras
Ariel: Anca Hanu
Caliban: Cristian Grosu
Miranda: Sânziana Tarța
Ferdinand, Alonso's son: Matei Rotaru
Stephano: Radu Lărgeanu
Trinculo: Adrian Cucu
Alonso, King of Naples: Ioan Isaiu
Gonzalo: Petre Băcioiu
Antonio, Prospero's brother: Cătălin Herlo
Sebastian, Alonso's brother: Mihai-Florian Nițu
Adrian: Dan Chiorean
Francisco / The Captain: Ruslan Bârlea
Iris: Elena Ivanca
Juno: Angelica Nicoară
Ceres: Romina Merei
Sycorax: Miriam Cuibus

stage manager: Doru Bodrea
lighting technicians: Mădălina Mânzat, Alexandru Corpodean
operator sunet: Marius Rusu
video technician: Vasile Crăciun
prompter: Alina Forna

In my view, The Tempest is the Shakespearean play which comes closest to music, structurally. Music has a precise form, a conceptual form. And that is why, for me, the magic wand is also a conductor's baton, by means of which Prospero orchestrates the tempest from the beginning. When Prospero breaks the wand, theatre is stripped down of everything. Nothing is left. Not even the projections that he orchestrates... It is amazing this mirroring system in which the exact same situation is played in a farcical and in a grotesque and in a tragic and in a political key. Prospero is a scholar, a poet, an artist and an outcast. The story also circumscribes an inner pilgrimage: Prospero changes, his desire for revenge is dissolved, he forgives the guilty. It is a Christian belief: the forgiveness of sins only happens when there is regret for what has been done".

Tompa Gábor

Ticket prices:

60 lei, 50 lei, 40 lei, 30 lei, 20 lei, 10 lei (în funcţie de locul din sala de spectacol);

10 lei (reducere pentru elevi și studenți);
20 lei, 15 lei (reducere pentru pensionari).


Opening date: Friday, October 11 2019

Main stage
2h 30 min. (cu o pauză)