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based on texts by Daniel Tiutiu

director: Camelia Hâncu
live original music: Edith Toth

Elena Ivanca
Ioan Isaiu

The performance "Who's wiping off polenta from the pot" offers viewers a series of moral tales gathered by Daniel Tiutiu straight from the Apuseni Mountains storytelles. The imprint of places where tales were picked from is maintained both in the "speech" in which actors Elena Ivanca and Ioan Isaiu perform texts, and in the original music composed and played live at piano and flute by Edith Toth.

Initially conceived as a storytelling experience, the performance trangresses its limits to become a regale of acting performances. And more than that, in a humorous note, tales are doubled by a supra-topic, that of the competition between three artists, two actors and a musician. Everyone wants to have most applause, to shine brighter than the other. This is not something new in the artistic landscape, but it is interesting to follow how the three of them dispute or share their success. 

Production realized with Mrs. Viorica Samson Manea's support. 

Opening date: Wednesday, November 22 2017

"Euphorion" Studio
1 h