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by Brigitte Schwaiger
translated to Romanian by Dan Stoica

director: Mihai Măniuţiu
choreographer: Andrea Gavriliu
set design: Adrian Damian
costumes design: Claudia Castrase
music selection: Șerban Ursachi
lighting design: Lucian Moga

Führerin: Maia Morgenstern
The children: Alexandra Dușa, Valentin Oncu, Raluca Radu, Ștefania Misăilă, Nadina Cîmpianu, Bogdan Ujeniuc, Cătălin Mocan, Sînziana Pintean, Mihaela Ceaicovschi, Alexandra Cheroiu, Claudia Moroșanu, Cristina Bogza, Vlad Marin, Corinias Caraba, Iuliana Danciu, Andreea Jurj, Andrei Gîjulete, Bogdan Sălceanu, George Olar, Theodor Gabăr, Andrei Han, Alex Macavei

AT YOUR COMMAND, FÜHRER! is a monodrama written by Brigitte Schwaiger, an Austrian writer born in 1949. When the war was already over and its wound had to begin healing, but when questions were still very painful. Most often, the most banal question in the world was on everyone's lips - How was this possible? How was it possible for so many people to be inflamed with totalitarian hysteria? How did Nazism get to be, just like Communism later on, a secular religion? How was it possible for victims to adore their oppressors? And obey their commands. The case of the Woman confessing on stage is by no means a singular one.

Director Mihai Măniuţiu, whom we also owe other productions investigating the totalitarian temptation with theatre means, but also a book of reflections about tyrants and dictators, has staged this production in an exemplary manner. By going beyond words and entering deep into the individual archaeology of terror, in its abysses. Into the psychology of the aggressed, terrorized human being, so hypnotized that she ends up adoring her oppressor. (Mircea Morariu)

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