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by Sławomir Mrożek
translated to Romanian by Stan Velea

director: Tudor Lucanu
set and costume design: Cristian Rusu

AA: Matei Rotaru
XX: Tudor Lucanu

stage manager: [Arhidiade Mureşan] / Răzvan Pojonie
lights technician: Ionuț Maier
sound technician: Vasile Crăciun

The world never stood still. It would be illusory to believe that migrations belong to ancient history and that today the continuous flux of emigration and immigration does not deeply affect the psyche of the contemporary individual. On the contrary, today more than ever, people are forced to other countries by poverty and the hope of a better life. Nowadays, after the harsh experience of totalitarian regimes, to emigrate means to follow your dreams, to gain your freedom, to get even. However, the western dream often turns to suffering, even when the gains seem greater than the losses. How does one pay for leaving his/her homeland? Is freedom still the absolute antonym of slavery? Deeply human, Mrożek's characters are disturbingly honest. Is exile worth it? As long as you risk finding yourself...

Ștefana Pop-Curșeu


We received a wonderful gift, the gift of dreaming, and daydreaming allows us to create new, better, more compassionate universes in which we play the leading role. The purpose of our dreams is to give us a sort of freedom. But these dreams can also represent a trap: without noticing, we can become the slaves of our own dreams. At this point, our existence becomes absurd because the freedom of dream becomes the prison of life.

                                                                                                               Tudor Lucanu


I don't think there are persons who, one way or the other, didn't question their role in this world, who didn't try to find the meaning of their lives. The content and duration of such a journey differs, but it exists in each of us, it silently vibrates in the necessary rush of our everyday existence. Often, the answers it brings forth are frustrating, because they do not correspond to the reality of a personal journey, chosen or imposed, which we find difficult to abandon. We are free to seek that something that completes us. But how free are we to ourselves, how brave and honest can our curiosity be? Would we be able to admit that there is the possibility we might never find that illuminating answer, the key to our happiness on the road we are currently on? And then, will we have the strength to abandon the comfortable geography of our own mentality in order to recreate ourselves in the foreign space of uncertainty? 

 Matei Rotaru

Ticket prices:
25 lei;

10 lei - discounts for pupils, students, pensioners.

Matei Rotaru
Award for Best Actor at the Short Theatre Festival in Oradea, 2015. 
Tudor LucanuAward for Best Director at the Short Theatre Festival in Oradea, 2015.

Opening date: Friday, June 5 2015

"Euphorion" Studio
1h 35 min.