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based on Gellu Naum

concert-performance by: Ada Milea
set and costume design: Cristian Rusu
drawings and shadows: Paul Mureșan
assistant director: Mihai Chirilă
musical assistant: Anca Hanu
shadow ideas: Filip Odangiu
lighting designer: Jenel Moldovan

Ada Milea
Dragoș Pop
Anca Hanu
Ramona Dumitrean
Adriana Băilescu
Cristian Rigman
Sânziana Tarța
Adrian Cucu
Filip Odangiu

stage manager: Constantin Pojonie
sound technician: Marius Rusu

APOLODOR is a sort of musical map of the travels of Gellu Naum’s penguin. Instead of photographs, he has a screen of moving shadows. In this area all people can change and become characters. There are also charachers (animals especially) which, once out of the screen, can appear to be people. There are a lot of interactions with the audience, and the musical team is always ready to seem transported on another side of the globe. Everybody’s memory is helped by stickers placed all over the place (including instruments and characters) and the story is recomposed with the help of a character that lives in the mobile fridge of the penguin. The songs are adaptations of the old songs from the album Apolodor. I recorded those songs with Dorina Chiriac, Radu Bânzaru and Adrian Mihai, and I now reconstructed the songs with the help of the actors from the Cluj Napoca National Theater. I hope we will be able to transmit at least a small part of the beauty of this wonderful text.

Ada Milea

Ticket prices:

50 lei, 40 lei, 30 lei, 20 lei, 10 lei (depending on the seat location);

10 lei - discounts for pupils, students, pensioners.

Opening date: Saturday, March 7 2015

Main stage
1h 20 min.