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DADA Trans iT


director: Aristița Albăcan
film and animation: Toma Albăcan

With:: Ionuț Caras, Cristian Grosu

DADA Trans iT is a spectacular "pseudo-anarchic collage in 10 scenes with an intermission and with a grand finale", based on Dada texts by Tristan Tzara, Hugo Ball, Kurt Schwitters etc.The texts were adapted, in Dada style, to the current international socio-political context. The collage contains videos by Mauser Band, Planeta Moldova and Febre 39 and original film, graphic and animation sequences.

Director: Aristița Albăcan, director and professor, Director of Studies in Theatre and Performance at the School of Arts and New Media, University of Hull, UK. Aristița Albăcan holds a PhD at LMU Munich, Germany, and is a specialist in inter / multimedia and contemporary performance.

Free entrance in the limit of availability.

Opening date: Saturday, October 6 2012

Studio „Art Club“
45 min.