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by Radu Țuculescu

director: Tudor Lucanu
set and costume design: Adrian Damian
sound design and music: Șerban Ursachi

Micșa: Matei Rotaru
Dodo: Cătălin Codreanu
Leo: Emanuel Petran
Floristela: [Eva Crişan] / Alexandra Tarce
The priest Mambo: Dragoș Pop
The lady mayor: Camelia Curuțiu
Violeta: [Viorica Mischilea] / Ileana Negru
The journalist, The English Tourist: Angelica Nicoară

stage manager: Constantin Pojonie
lighting designer: Jenel Moldovan
lights technician: Alexandru Corpodean
sound technician: Vasile Crăciun
sufleur: Crina Onaca

One morning, the common rhythm of a Romanian community is shattered by the conflict started by Violeta’s decision to kick out of her house, yard and house, Micşa, her lifelong lover, paralyzed for over a year. The decision threatens to destroy the community’s image. Each member of the community, an archetype of the nowadays rural life, selfishly, yet unsuccessfully, tries to convince Violeta to change her decision. The press, always on guard, shows up in the village and publicises this act of cruelty. Dodo, the young business man returned to the community, uses the "publicity" and sets up an entire system to sell Micşa’s story, which changes everything in their daily routine.

Radu Ţuculescu’s play is about the typical Romanian inventiveness, it depincts a rural world captured in the drive of the capitalist development and its main goal of getting the highest profit at any cost. The production follows the story of this world from an objective angle trying to capture the bitter comic of the attempts to reach prosperity.

Tudor Lucanu


Ticket prices:

15 lei;

7,5 lei - discounts for pupils, students, pensioners.

Opening date: Saturday, March 3 2012

"Euphorion" Studio
1 h 30 min.