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after Emily Brontë, stage adaptation by Emily Brontë, dramatisation by Mariana Vartic

script and direction: Ada Lupu
set design: Cristian Rusu
costumes: Cristian Rusu, Smaranda Almăşan
original music: Tibor Cári
lighting design: Lucian Moga
set design assistant: Arhidiade Mureşan

Catherine Earnshaw: Ramona Dumitrean
Heathcliff: Cristian Grosu
Edgar Linton: Ionuț Caras
Hindley Earnshaw: Cătălin Herlo
Nelly Dean: Irina Wintze
Isabella Linton: Angelica Nicoară
Hareton Earnshaw: Cristian Rigman
Catherine Linton: Romina Merei / Alexandra Tarce
Linton Heathcliff: Silvius Iorga
Lockwood: Adrian Cucu
Frances: Patricia Brad
Joseph: Petre Băcioiu

stage manager: Arhidiade Mureşan
lights technician: Jenel Moldovan
sound technician: Marius Rusu
sufleur: Crina Onaca

The strange and tragic love story between Catherine and Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights is narrated by an eye witness, Nelly Dean, the housemaid, to a careful listener, the tenant from Thrushcross Grange, Mr. Lockwood, a "wanderer" in Wuthering Heights, the main set of the action. The narrator - an intermediary between the Wuthering Heights inferno and the natural life - and her listener deepen the narration, expending the objectivity of the actions, an objectivity so much needed by that universe of extreme passions, by that world of inhuman and abyssal experiences. In order to endure Heathcliff, the climate and the landscape had to be terrible. Love, hate and revenge interlace unbearable in Heathcliff’s soul, lost and abused in wuthering heights, modeled by the savage and impetuous nature. The locals of Wuthering Heights live an intense, deep and disturbed life.

Ticket prices:

50 lei, 40 lei, 30 lei, 20 lei, 10 lei (depending on the seat location);

10 lei - discounts for pupils, students, pensioners.

Production part of the "ACTUALITY OF THE CLASSICS" program

Opening date: Sunday, April 17 2011

Main stage
2h 30 min., no intermission