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by Hervé Blutsch
translated to Romanian by Nicolae Weisz

director: Răzvan Mureșan
set and costumes design: Adrian Damian
video: Marius Mureşan
choreographer: Tudor Mercea

Maxence: Miron Maxim
Clamince: Cristian Grosu
The Chief Doctor, The Manager of the Prison, after that, a dog: Radu Lărgeanu
Mental patient 1 / A man at the bar / A pimp: Silvius Iorga
Andréa, a whore, after that, a mother: Patricia Brad
Alexandre Chemillot, Police inspector: Ovidiu Crişan
The Father: Petre Băcioiu
The Mother: Ileana Negru
The Daughter / A begginer whore: Romina Merei
Hélène, a dancer: Anca Hanu
Brima, a black man: Aka Atta Guy Martial
Elise, a widow: Irina Wintze
The spectator: Ruslan Bârlea
Jean Eudes, chef of the local mob: Dragoș Pop
Mental patient 2: Ana Şuşca, Vlad Bîrzeanu, Răzvan Bănuţ
Violinist: Ionuţ Cristian Bugnar

Hervé Blutsch develops his comedy La gelée d'arbre using themes specific to the film noir: the escape of two cannibal killers, a cavalcade of murders, many shootings. The list of characters also contains, in addition to the two cannibals, decayed police officers, a cabaret dancer with a blunt leg, a prison manager who gradually transforms into a dog, as the play is made of a rapid succession of almost overlapping short sequences with a kaleidoscopic effect. 

Spectacol nerecomandat sub 12 ani!

Preţul biletelor:

30 lei, 25 lei, 15 lei, 10 lei (în funcţie de locul din sala de spectacol);

7,5 lei - reducere pentru elevi, studenţi şi pensionari.

Opening date: Saturday, December 11 2010

Main stage