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stage adaptation by Eugen Wohl şi Andreea Iacob, based on The Čapek Brother's Insect Play
translated to Romanian by Tudor Muşatescu and Sanda Apostolescu

director: Andreea Iacob
choreographer: Gabriela Batori
set design: Arhidiade Mureşan
drawings: Dorin Buduşan
video animations: Marius Mureşan
live video projections: Ozana Budău
original music: Şerban Ursachi

Master of Ceremonies: Cătălin Herlo
Iris, Mrs. Beetle, Larva, The Messenger Ant: Adriana Băilescu
Mrs. Cricket, The Journalist Ant: Angelica Nicoară
Clynthie, The Chrysalis: Eva Crişan
Victor, The Scorpio, The Lider of the Yellow Ants: Petre Băcioiu
Otakar, Mr. Cricket, The Strange Beetle, The Dictator Ant: Cătălin Codreanu
Felix, Mr. Beetle, The Parasite, The Chief of Staff Ant: Silviu Ruşti (Teatrul de Păpuşi „Puck“)

stage manager: Constantin Pojonie
sound technician: Vasile Crăciun
lights technician: Alexandru Corpodean


Life and death, the surviving between life and death and, more important, the need for the "other" during this survival represent the main themes of this cabaret-performance, based on The Insect Play written by Karel and Josef Čapek. The original play, a "harsh faerie", but also a comedy, is a moral and social allegory. The production emphasizes only secondarily this aspect, as it intents to re-present the obsession for the other - the searching, the keeping, the loosing of the other, the ineffable need for the other, during the surviving. The cabaret like structure of the performance follows the original play's intentions: on one hand, through the distancing, on the other, through putting together paradoxes (real/unreal, faerie/tragedy). The only human character of the original play, The Tramp, becomes, in this performance, the cabaret's Master of Ceremonies, who invites the characters on stage, to tell their stories, until he himself will enter in the tragic-comical story of life's evanescence. And enter the story of meeting the "other".

(Andreea Iacob)

The production is part of the "Young Creators" Program.

Ticket Prices:

15 RON;

7,5 RON - discount for students and senior citizens.

Opening date: Wednesday, April 7 2010

"Euphorion" Studio
1 h 10 min.