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by Matei Vişniec
translated to Romanian by Letiţia Ilea

director: Mona Marian
set and costume design: Eugenia Tărăşescu Jianu
music: Corina Sîrbu

Little Bernadette (The Storyteller's daughter): Elena Ivanca
The stammerer little boy (Thomas, The Storyteller's son): Silvius Iorga
The dwarf girl in a wedding dress: Romina Merei
The storyteller: Dragoș Pop, Cătălin Herlo
The inspector: Ionuț Caras
Frank The Ghost (the owner of the house of horrors) / The old gentleman (Didier): Ovidiu Crişan
The woman who makes doughnuts (The big Bernadette) / The old Lady (Mathilde): Maria Seleş
The old drunk (Jojo): Adrian Cucu
The woman with a kife stabbed in her left eye: Ramona Dumitrean
The drunk knife thrower or Tony the gallant: Cristian Rigman
The animal who perfectly resembles with a man: Patricia Brad
The owner of the bistro (Florence): Maria Munteanu
The owner of the shooting range (Leon): Dan Chiorean
The fat lady with a broom (Anaïs): Emanuel Petran
The first angel / The head of the president from the eolian region of the Provensal Alps: Ruslan Bârlea
The second angel / Gerard, the resistance fighter: Cristian Grosu
The third angel / The motorcyclist / The mad head / Michel (police officer): Cătălin Codreanu

stage manager: Constantin Pojonie
lights technician: Alexandru Corpodean
sound technician: Vasile Crăciun
sufleur: Crina Onaca

Fair is Matei Vişniec's most recent play in which the world seen as a fair rotates on a mad carousel of phantasms, that contains the obsessions of the modern world, "the house of horrors", identified with the television, and the progressive loss of memory which the author calls "the umbrella type memory", holey, capricious. This type of memory opposes to the "shoe type memory", troubled by "the sufferance of walking"... An absurd world, with characters with absurd names (The woman with a knife imbedded in her left eye, the animal that perfectly resemblances the man, the Head of the president from the Eolian region of the Alps, etc.), in absurd situations. The Fair from our minds, from everybody's minds.

Ticket Prices:

30 RON, 25, 15, 10 RON (depending on the seat in the theater);

7,5 RON - discount for students and senior citizens.

Opening date: Tuesday, June 3 2008

Main stage