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Cluj-Napoca National Theatre would like to draw your attention to the following basic regulations, mandatory for all persons participating at our performances and theatre events. 

By attending performances and events at the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, the audience is obliged to comply with these regulations, throughout their presence in the theatre spaces. In case of violation of these rules, the theatre reserves the right to refuse access to persons or exclude them from the events held in its halls and spaces, with no obligation to refund the ticket.

Public access to the performances of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre is based solely on tickets. They can be purchased at the Ticket Agency (payable by cash or money order) or online at, subject to availability.

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre provides a series of subscriptions (full price or reduced price for students and pensioners). Details about this year’s subscription offer are available at


For the performances of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre reservations can be made via email at Reservations are valid for 72 hours, and the seat in the theatre hall is guaranteed only after purchasing the ticket. 


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre offers discounts on tickets for students and pensioners, available for the seat categories allocated to this end. Discounted tickets can be purchased exclusively on the basis of supporting documents and only at the Theatre’s Ticket Agency. Upon ticket control, the viewer must prove the quality of student or pensioner. Otherwise, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre refuses access to the performances without a refund.

Preschool children over 3 years of age receive discounts under the same conditions as pupils, students and pensioners.


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre provides seats for children with disabilities (within the age limits imposed by the event) and adults with severe and accentuated disabilities and their companions. Their entry is free, based on honorary tickets issued by the Theatre’s Ticket Agency, subject to availability. Adults with medium and light disabilities are entitled to discounted tickets in the same conditions as pupils, students and pensioners, subject to availability.

Tickets for the disabled can be purchased exclusively on the basis of supporting documents and only at the Theatre’s Ticket Agency. Upon ticket control, the spectator must present the document that entitles him to discount or gratuity. Otherwise, the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre will deny him access, without any possibility of a refund.


Some productions of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre might contain messages inappropriate for a certain age group, in which case a warning is mentioned on the poster of that production, on the poster with the monthly program and on the official website of the institution. The organizers reserve the right to refuse access to the theatre for the age groups addressed by the respective warning. 

Entry for children under 3 in the theatre halls is not allowed. 


Access of the public after the start of the performance, as it appears printed on the ticket, is not allowed, except for performances with an intermission (in this case, access is possible during intermission).
Late arrivals to the performances are not entitled to a refund or to use their ticket for a future performance.

For the spectators’ comfort, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre recommends using the wardrobe, a service that is provided free of charge. Spectators who have tickets for box seats can use the pegs available there. 


Spectators have to respect the rules of good behavior, maintain public order, accept the standards of behavior, safety and fire regulations and to comply with the orders and regulations of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre and/or law enforcement officials.

By attending performances and events at the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, the spectator agrees to be filmed and / or photographed during the performance by authorized persons and allows the photos / video / audio materials to be used for promotional purposes.



- Photographing, filming or audio recording of the performances of the National Theatre, without prior consent from the management; Cluj-Napoca National Theatre representatives or police officers have the right to exclude from the halls persons who violate these regulations;
- Use of mobile phones throughout the duration of the performance / event, for the comfort of the other spectators and optimal evolution of that performance / event;
- Smoking inside the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre (including medicinal or electronic cigarettes);
- Access of intoxicated persons;
- Pets inside the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre;
- Access to the performance halls with any type of food, colored or carbonated drinks;
- Access to the National Theatre with laser flashlights, blunt or sharp objects, toxic substances, psychotropic substances or weapons; Cluj-Napoca National Theatre reserves the right to carry out security checks at the entrance, by qualified personnel;
- Throwing any object on the stage or in the hall, committing actions that violate public order and endanger the events;
- The storage of any type of goods on the balcony railing or in the boxes;
- Aggressive behavior, vulgar and abusive language, threats, high tone towards other spectators or representatives of the theatre;
- Carrying out any acts of trade or distribution of materials containing information and / or advertisements without the written consent of the management.

Representatives of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre reserve the right to intervene in any of these situations in order to ensure that they are complied with.


In case of illness of an actor, fortuitous events or force majeure, the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre reserves the right to make changes in the program of performances and tickets sold can be refunded or renewed for another performance.

The program of performances of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre may be subject to change and the updated program will be available at

We would like to remind the public that the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre is the only manufacturer, holder of copyrights and related rights for its productions and productions presented by it, therefore it reserves the right to defend its interests by all means provided by law.