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the 3rd edition, 3-6 October 2013


The 3rd edition of the International Meetings in Cluj took place between 3-6 October and was dedicated to the reputed theatre critic George Banu. The event is initiated and organized by the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre and this year’s edition was made in partnership with the Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj and the Art Museum in Cluj. The program was comprised of performances from the two theatres, book launches, art exhibits, film projections, round tables and conferences. 





3 October 2013

The Museum of Art

12:00 PM

·              THE NIGHTS OF THE MUSEUM exhibition opening, curated by George Banu, containing art works from the collection of the Museum of Art. With the projection of episodes from the NOAPTEA (THE NIGHT) series, created by George Banu and Dominic Dembinschi (a production of TVR Cultural). Speakers: George Banu și Călin Stegerean, director of the Museum of Art

·              Book launch: Nocturne, album by George Banu, translated in Romanian by Dana Monah and Roxana Monah (Nemira Publishing House) - presented by George Banu and Adam Biro

·              Photography exhibition opening: THE NIGHTS OF THE CITY by Silviu Purcărete. Speakers: Călin Stegerean and George Banu


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, Main stage

8:00 PM

·              Official Opening

·              Premiere of the performance A HELL OF A MESS! by Eugène Ionesco, directed by Silviu Purcărete


4 October 2013

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, Main stage

11:00 AM

·               Public debate: Why theatre today? - panel moderator George Banu; with the participation of: Laurent Gaudé, Adam Biro, Jean François Dusigne, Maria Helena Serrôdio, András Visky, Mihai Măniuțiu, Liviu Malița, Marina Constantinescu.


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, Foyer - Ground Floor

1:30 PM

·               Book launch: Romanian and Hungarian translations of the book Amour et désamour du theatre (Love and hate of theatre), by Georges Banu, published by Actes Sud (2013): in Romanian by Polirom Publishing House (Iubirea și neiubirea de teatru) and in Hungarian by Koinonia Publishing House (Szeretni és nem szeretni a színházat); in the presence of Laurent Gaudé, Silviu Lupescu and András Visky.

·               Book launch: Cel ce vede glasul. Márti Sipos de vorbă cu András Visky (The One Who Sees the Voice. Márti Sipos in conversation with András Visky), translated from Hungarian to Romanian by Al. Skultéty, "Camil Petrescu" Cultural Foundation Publishing House. Speaker: Anca Măniuţiu


TIFF House

4:00 PM

·               Film projection: Vanya on 42nd Street, directed by Louis Malle, screenplay by André Gregory. The movie will be presented by George Banu and Gábor Tompa


The Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, Studio

8:00 PM

·               Premiere of the performance DEATH AND THE PLOUGHMAN by de Johannes von Tepl, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu


5 October 2013

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, Main Stage

10:30 AM

·               Public debate: Spectator and critic: from the shadow of stage to the testimony of the page - panel moderator András Visky, guests: Sorin Alexandrescu, Ion Vartic, Anca Măniuţiu, Ion Cocora, Ștefana Pop-Curșeu, Carmen Mușat, Monica Andronescu.


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, Foyer, Ground Floor

12:00 PM

·               Book launch: Close to the Stage. George Banu, essays and testimonies, volume dedicated to George Banu, coordinated by Iulian Boldea and Ștefana Pop-Curșeu, Curtea Veche Publishing House


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, Foyer, 2nd Floor

12:30 PM

·               Piano recital: Georgiana Fodor ("Gh. Dima" Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca)


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, "Euphorion" Studio

5:00 PM

·               Premiere of the performance THE AURELIU MANEA TRILOGY (Penelopa Remains Pensive, The Theatre Rehearsal, The Fairy From The Dawn) by Aureliu Manea, directed by Gábor Tompa


The Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, Main stage

8:00 PM

·              Performance: LEONCE AND LENA by Georg Büchner, directed by Gábor Tompa



6 October 2013

"Ion Lapedatu" Hall, Banca Naţională a României (Unirii Square no. 7)

11:00 AM

·               Vocal recital by Hélène Delavault, with piano accompaniment by  Cyrille Lehn


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, "Euphorion" Studio

3:00 PM

·               Documentary film projection: Voyages into the world of theatre with Georges Banu, directed by Sînziana Miloşoiu and Sandrino Gavriloaia, a TVR2 production


The Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, Main Stage

5:00 PM

Performance: BORN FOR NEVER by András Visky, directed by Gábor Tompa


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, Main Stage

8:00 PM

Closing speech

Premiere of the performance SÂNZIANA AND PEPELEA by Vasile Alecsandri, directed by Alexandru Dabija