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Amalia Takes a Deep Breath opens at Cluj-Napoca National Theatre on Friday 7 February at 7pm in "Euphorion" Studio. Director and designer: Tudor Lucanu. One-woman show with Anca Hanu.
Alinei Nelega’s monodrama presents episodes from the life of Amalia. She had passed through Communism in an aboulic state, from its beginning until its maximum darkness and had gotten to a new era of freedom, which proves to be equally confusing to her. The little communist girls - happy to be away from the German governess, the piano lessons, the French hours - grows confused by the losses in her life. But the traumas don’t transform her into a self pitiful person. Instead, the character remains fantastically courageous and charmingly candid. Alina Nelega’s play does not reject the past, with its obvious defects, but sets the past under the careful analysis of the present, through a demonstration of detheatralisation of the theatre. 


This kind of production is "more direct, it is closer to the hiperreality which is more necessary in the theatre, film, visual arts and literature. It is a type of image which is build on a word, in a direct relationship with it, less oblique, less descriptive, less dynamic", says the author in an interview.

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre organizes the second edition of Gates Open Night on Saturday 14 December between 7pm and 1am. The event is dedicated to the local community and visitors and the entrance in free.

Gates Open Night will present performances, concerts, recital, a theatre make-up workshop presented by the actress Melania Ursu, a Q&A session with the actors Miriam Cuibus, Elena Ivanca, Ionuţ Caras and Cristian Grosu and an exhibition presenting works by the students and graduates of the Art and Design University in Cluj. During the event, the theatre will host Doamna T coffee shop, caricature artists, Humanitas bookstore and the bookstore of the theatre.


We look foreword to spending a theatre night together!

The performance THE BOLD SOPRANO scheduled for 12 November will be rescheduled for 5 Decembre, due to medical reasons.

The tickets can be reimbursed at the ticket agency or will be available, on request, for the performance on 5 December, beginning with Tuesday 12 November 11am. The online tickets can be reimbursed or changed by contacting the company at

Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.


SWING by Vava Ștefănescu, designer:  Tudor Lucanu opens on Friday 1 November at 7pm in the "Euphorion" Studio. With: Vava Ștefănescu and Irina Wintze (voice).


SWING is an installation-performance for body, voice and light. I have reduced the space to a small surface, with new rules for the body, the rules of hanging and balancing. In this experience, I provoked my body and put it through an unexpected situation: to play and to explore the new conditions of gravity, weight and contact with the ground and I hope to "see" during the working process the "new" poetic or dramatic meanings which appear in this new context. The meanings can reveal themselves with intensity, both on the level of visual and sound images and on an emphatic level, through the transfer of sensation or body experience. This is an apparently technical working method which I created while working on QUARTET FOR A MICROPHONE in 2008.

Next to the "one set - one situation", another principle of this working method was to treat the sound as a moving body. In SWING, Irina Wintze leads the words, the live voice, like an independent body which collides with the dancing body. The dance-body and the voice-body gather and filter, like a fine guidance for the audience, the images, the sensations and the unsuspected expressions of the balancing, suspension, fear of falling, speed, and the illusion of flying...


Vava Ştefănescu