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Premios Goya, offered by the Art and Cinema Science Academy in Spain, rewards the best films of 2016, their filmmakers, as well as the actors that contributed to their success. One hundred and fifty films have been considered. The favorite for the awards to be given next year is the feature film La madre, nominated in fifteen categories. Among these, for "Best Actor in a Supporting Role", there is also Ovidiu Crișan for the role Bogdan, alongside such distinguished actors as Liam Neeson, Rupert Everett, Julian Sands. For the same film, the director Alberto Morais was nominated in the category Golden Spike within Valladolid International Film Festival 2016. 

Maia Morgenstern to perform on the stage of Cluj-Napoca National Theatre

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre is happy and honored to have on stage the actress Maia Morgenstern, in one of the most emotional and powerful productions directed by Mihai Măniuțiu. The production AT YOUR COMMAND, FÜHRER! by Brigitte Schwaiger, translated by Dan Stoica, will be performed in Cluj on 4 December, at 7:00 p.m., on the main stage. The choreography is signed by Andrea Gavriliu, stage design: Adrian Damian, costumes: Claudia Castrase, music: Șerban Ursachi, lighting design: Lucian Moga, and alongside Maia Morgenstern the cast is also comprised of: Alexandra Dușa, Valentin Oncu, Raluca Radu, Ștefania Misăilă, Nadina Cîmpianu, Bogdan Ujeniuc, Cătălin Mocan, Sînziana Pintean, Mihaela Ceaicovschi, Alexandra Cheroiu, Claudia Moroșanu, Cristina Bogza, Vlad Marin, Corinias Caraba, Iuliana Danciu, Andreea Jurj, Andrei Gîjulete, Bogdan Sălceanu, George Olar, Theodor Gabăr, Andrei Han and Alex Macavei.

The theatre critic Mircea Morariu describes Maia Morgenstern's performance in this production, an actress whom he calls the "absolute actress", as "one of the biggest, best, and most overwhelming parts of her recent, mature, career". The production was selected and presented this year at the National Theatre Festival in Bucharest. We now invite you to enjoy with it together at Cluj-Napoca National Theatre. 

Award for directing for the production SELFIE

The production SELFIE received the Award for Directing in Bucharest, were it had been selected to participate on Wednesday, 23 November, within the Multiart Festival at Nottara Theatre. The production was directed by Andreea Iacob, who also conceived the script, and has a cast comprised exclusively of inmates. The production is a partnership between Cluj-Napoca National Theatre and Gherla Maximum Security Prison, Cluj-Napoca exterior section, our theatre being the first one in the country to produce and present in its repertoire a production with inmates.


The Multiart Festival for inmates is organized by the National Penitentiary Administration and took place at Nottara Theatre in Bucharest from the 23rd to the 24th of November. The jury was comprised of Mircea M. Ionescu, Andreea Bârsan, Pompilius Onofrei, Ioana Mihaela Morar and Andreea Neagoe.  

Anca Hanu and Matei Rotaru, actors of Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, in a conversation about the festivals they have participated in and about theatre.  

Anca Hanu: Dear Matei, The Nurse asks you: how many theatre productions did you die in, including this one?

Matei Rotaru: According to the latest calculations... it seems I have forgotten to keep track... Basically, this is the last in a series of productions in which I die at the end.

A.H.: Are you happy to be alive?

M.R.: Yes, because only after you have died do you realize how beautiful life is... And you can cherish that.