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This month, Cluj-Napoca Theatre reprises some of its successful productions, one of them being Pandora's Box by Katalin Thuróczy, directed by Andrei Măjeri, set designer Cristian Rusu, and the performance will take place on Sunday, 19 February, 7:00 p.m., at the "Euphorion" Studio.


​We have asked Miriam Cuibus and Cătălin Codreanu, the protagonists of this extremely hilarious production, a few questions:


Miriam, you have managed to bring together Aunt Hilda's fragility and her fierceness and tumultuousness. How was that possible?


The contrast you mention, fragility - tenacity, belongs to a series of such contradictions blended in Hilda's character, and that makes this role very valuable and attractive to an actress. This stubborn old woman hides behind the decrepitude and weakness of the age, a surprising versatility. Hilda is surprisingly histrionic in her survival strategies and in her persuasion tactics. She acts helpless, weak, sick to gain advantage in her relationship with her nephew or to turn things in her favor. Paradoxically and despite her age she is very alive. Her vitality is sustained by a mixture of dreams and future projects, luxurious trips, far away from the potato stew and the precarious living conditions. She seems asleep, but she is very vigilant, alert, like a feline in arrêt, like the stuffed wild cat that keeps her company. Hilda is always a hunted hunter. On the other hand, she is nostalgic and ridiculously sensuous when her past overwhelms her. True to her origin, she is a butcher's daughter, Hilda voluptuously devours and savors her own evocations of the love episodes from her youth. Hilda is unpredictable, fragile, tenacious, nostalgic, terrible, ridiculous, sensuous, histrionic, weepy, cynical, affable, malicious, bovaristic...And we don't know the end...


When faced with such a role, you dedicate yourself to it completely.

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre continues the tradition of giving the students of the Faculty of Theatre and Television from Cluj the opportunity to perform on a professional stage, in front of our theatre's audience. This time it's a production performed and prepared by the students in Acting for their annual course dedicated to the life and works of I.L. Caragiale, held by Prof. Ion Vartic PhD, assisted by Lecturer Anca Hațiegan, PhD. Presenting this "practical" moment is one of the most long-expected moments at the Faculty of Theatre and Television from Cluj. As this time the students managed to create an extremely successful moment-production, we offered them the space at the "Euphorion" Studio. Cluj-Napoca National Theatre invites you to witness an important moment in the student life of future professional actors. 


 Lecturer Anca Hațiegan, PhD offered us more details about this production: "It is by now a tradition, instituted by Prof. Ion Vartic, PhD, that for the 2nd year exam in The History of Romanian Theatre (special course I.L. Caragiale), together with   the theoretical exam, the students in Acting from the Faculty of Theatre and Television from Cluj must also stage some scenes, of their choice, from the works of Mr. Iancu. 

This evening’s performance with A MARIAGE PROPOSAL is canceled

Dear spectators,

We would like to inform you that the performance A MARIAGE PROPOSAL scheduled for 25 January 2017 is canceled for medical reasons.   

Tickets can be reimbursed at the Theatre's Ticket Agency as of this moment until January 31st 2017.


Tickets purchased online can be reimbursed by contacting the representatives at the email address


We apologize for the inconvenience and we look forward to seeing you at our performances. 

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre reprises the production War of the Clowns directed by Eli Simon, Tuesday, 31 January, 07.00 p.m.


We are waiting for the young and the old to rediscover the birth of each clown, with their own distinct personalities, some exuberant, others introvert, some mean, others nice, all equally disobeying the advice of Mother Clown who anxiously watches as her children learn to play "life". Full of energy and always ready to make mischief, the clowns take us, for a while, out of the quotidian numbness and make us taste a different rhythm, look at interpersonal relations through different lenses. We invite you to discover together with us how the mind of a clown can be more powerful and more creative than the mind of a non-clown. And if we use our clown mind (which everyone has, even when don't behave like "clowns"), amazing things can happen.