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A year without Melania Ursu

It has been a year since our colleague, the actress MELANIA URSU, left this world. A theatre and film actress, she had been a part of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre team for over 50 years and had collaborated, along the years, with such important directors as Vlad Mugur, Mihai Măniuțiu, Alexandru Dabija or Victor Ioan Frunză.

Roles such as Béraldine in THE IMAGINARY INVALID, Aneta Duduleanu in THE JAYBIRDS, Madam Chirița in CARNIVAL IN IAȘI made thousands of spectactors explode with joyful laughter at her unmeasurable comedic talent. But she also took on serious roles in tragedies or dramas, such as  HECUBA or IPHIGENIA IN AULIS by Euripides, HAMLET by William Shakespeare, THE DANCE OF DEATH by August Strindberg or A CLINICAL CASE by Dino Buzzati, where here stage performance flourished.

She was a teacher for numerous generations of actors. Along the years, she was rewarded with numerous awards or medals, such as the Lifetime Achievement Award offered by UNITER in 2012, and Knight of the Order of National Merit, in 2002.

Mrs. Mela, you will always be in our souls. Thank you for sharing a part of your life's journey with us!

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess, translation and adaptation by Diana David, will take place on the main stage on Sunday, 15 January 2017, at 07:00 p.m.

Since rehearsals are still ongoing, we will begin with a few words from the artists:

For the director Răzvan Mureșan "A Clockwork Orange, cult-novel of the 60's, is a psychological game. Just like an orange can never be associated to a mechanism, the man cannot be deprived of his freedom to choose. When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man, says Burgess. And maybe that's why a man that chooses evil is better than a man forced to accept the good. If lewdies are good that's because they like it... badness is of the self, the one, the you or me."

We have also asked three of the actors in the main roles in what way they have been impressed or not by the character they play, in what way it struck a chord with them? Here are their answers:


Cristian Grosu, interpreting the role of Alex: "A few years ago, when I first read A Clockwork Orange, I started, unwillingly and almost unknowingly, to build this character in my mind. I wanted it until I had it. And now I get to interpret it on the stage of the National Theatre together with my gang. This is the first way in which the character "struck a chord" with me, this fulfilled wish. The second way refers to the aesthetics of ugliness, to the human hideousness and the wisdom which sometimes helps us extract a beautiful and noble meaning from a series of horrific events. But this is not a chord that can be "struck". It's a chord that each spectator discovers on his/her own." 

What can you see at Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, at the beginning of the year? PLAYLIST (Ringasd el magad) by C.C. Buricea-Mlinarcic, the first production of the New Year, director and set designer Tudor Lucanu, which will take place in the "Euphorion" Studio, on Saturday, 7 January 2017, at 07:00 p.m.: the nineteen year story - between 1989 and 2008 - of a Romanian-Hungarian family, from the "golden age", without any electricity, heat and with rationalized food, to, eventually, democracy. A democracy where the former secret police officers are now prosperous businessmen and, when discovered, they will, of course, deny everything: "I am a mere businessman over his head in changing the face of his country...".

If you wish to learn more, we invite you to our production, benefiting also from an ingenious set design conceived by the director Tudor Lucanu, who stated: "Playlist is the history of a mixed family, which begins during the Communist period in Romania and slowly moves towards the to the new social forms. Playlist is a recent history. A history that has shaped us all and that still shapes us, whether we want it or not. A history that you cannot control, rather it controls you. A subjugated history of manipulation in all its forms". 

On Thursday, 22 December 2016, we would like to invite you to the National Theatre to the celebrate together the coming of age of the production One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, by Dale Wasserman, our theatre's most longeval production!

The opening took place on 27 December 1998, but the cast changed over time. The following remained faithful: Cristina Pardanschi as Nurse Ratched, Dragoș Pop as Chief Bromden, Dan Chiorean as Billy Bibbit, Petre Băcioiu as Dale Harding and Sorin Misirianțu as doctor Spivey. The following joined the cast: Cătălin Herlo (Scanlon), Ruslan Bârlea (Chestwick), Adrian Cucu (Martini), Silvius Iorga (Ruckly), Diana Buluga (Nurse Flinn), Patricia Brad (Candy Star), Adriana Băilescu (Sandra), Matei Rotaru (Aide Warren), Emanuel Petran (Aide Williams), Radu Lărgeanu (Ellis) and Cătălin Codreanu (Matterson). The part of the rebellious McMurphy, initially played by Dorin Andone, was taken over by Ionuț Caras. The production was directed by Marius Oltean, and the set designed was created by architect Horațiu Mihaiu.

For this festive performance, we have prepared a surprise for our faithful spectators: the main role will be played, alternately, by Dorin Andone and Ionuț Caras, and the part of Martini, by both Ioan Isaiu, and Adrian Cucu

Exceptionally, immediately after this performance, those interested in the story of this production are invited to remain for a passionate discussion with the actors!


To get us in the mood of the production, we have decided to ask the actors Dan Chiorean, Dorin Andone, Ionuț Caras and Ioan Isaiu a few questions.