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Cluj-Napoca National Theatre’s production ZENOBIA participates to the SLAVIJA International Theatre Festival 2012 between 8-11 March in Belgrade, Serbia. The festival takes place between 9-17 March and will present 10 productions invited from 8 European countries. Cluj-Napoca National Theatre was invited with ZENOBIA based on Gellu Naum’s novel, script and direction Mona Marian. This is the 11th edition of the festival which invited, over the years, over 60 theatre companies from over 30 countries.

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre starts the "Playwrights from Cluj" Program which aims to promote the Cluj playwriting on a local, national and international scale, to introduce the Cluj playwriting to the audience and to diversify its productions by creating performances made 100% in Cluj.


The first title of this program, OUR BRAVE MICŞA! by Radu Ţuculescu will open on Saturday 3 March 2012, in the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre’s "Euphorion" Studion. The production is directed by Tudor Lucanu: "Radu Ţuculescu’s play is about the typical Romanian inventiveness, it depicts a rural world captured in the drive of the capitalist development and its main goal of getting the highest profit at any cost. The production follows the story of this world from an objective angle trying to capture the bitter comedy of attempting to reach prosperity". The "Playwrights from Cluj" Program will continue with SHELLS ON THE HOT SAND by Flavius Lucăcel, which is to open in April.

Melania Ursu, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre’s actress will be awarded with the Prize for the entire activity at the UNITER Gala 2012.

The Gala will take place Monday 23 April 2012, in the Majestic Auditorium of the Odeon Theatre in Buharest.

Click here for the list of all nominees.

9 March 1948 - 26 February 2012

Too soon, the actor PAUL BASARAB passed away.

He graduated from from IATC Bucharest in 1974 and was an actor of Cluj-Napoca National Theatre uninterruptedly until the last day of his life. Parl Barasab, an actor gifted with dramatic energy, presence and a special voice, he performed in more than 40 productions, under the direction of Aureliu Manea, Mihai Măniuţiu, Mircea Marin. His last two productions were WHEN WE DEAD AWAKEN by de Henrik Ibsen, directed by Cătălina Buzoianu, and THE BOLD SOPRANO by Eugène Ionesco, directed by Gábor Tompa.

The poetry performances which he directed and performed in are unforgettable: TERRA INCOGNITA, in the memory of the poet-actor Emil Botta, for which he was awarded the 3rd national prize, I DO NOT TRAMPLE OVER WORLD’S COROLLA OF WONDERS by Lucian Blaga, THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE by George Coşbuc, his Radu Stanca-recital. His voice became one with the voice of poetry. The best of these were the performaces dedicated to Blaga, for which he received numerous prizes: 1st Prize at the National Theatre Festival in Bucharest, 1995 (THE GREAT ANONYMUS’ LITURGY directed by regia Mircea Marin); The Great prize at the International Lucian Blaga Festival in Sebeş-Alba, 1997; 1st prize at the International Lucian Blaga Festival in Sebeş-Alba, 2000.

Paul Basarab was a cerebral actor endowed with noblesse on stage. The memory of him will stay on in the hearts of his colleagues and his admirers.

May God rest his soul in peace!