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Produced in various cities in Romania, France, Hungary, Poland and Italy, Creole Performance Cycle is a performance which aims to follow the creative work, especially the artistic one, in its development, in order to show the facet that artists can work together by using a "creole" language, a language born out of necessity. The "Creolisation" cycle is conducted by the Italian Ballet Company Balletto Civile.


Concept: Balletto Civile

Direction and choreography: Emanuele Braga şi Emanuela Serra

Designer: Balletto Civile

Video: Balletto Civile şi Daniela Neri

Dramaturgy: Balletto Civile şi Cristian Nedea

Cast: Ramona Dumitrean, Romina Merei, Radu

Wednesday, 20 October at 6 pm in the "Euphorion" Studio of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre.

Cluj National Theatre, Bybliotek Publishing House, NCN and Enigma Café
invite you Thursday, June 17, 2010, at 7 p.m., to Enigma Café, on Iuliu Maniu street no. 12, to a

Meeting with Dan C. Mihăilescu and Ion Vartic, entitled On Theatre and Literature.


The meeting will start with the launch of the novel Memoriile hingherului by Mihai Măniuţiu, the album Mihai Măniuţiu. Spaţiul cameleonic by Cristina Modreanu and the volume Despre Cioran şi fascinaţia nebuniei by Dan C. Mihăilescu.

The entrance is free of charge.


The ESUA Company-Dragoş Pop, Patricia Nedelea and Adrian Cucu - present a Stand-up Comedy performance.

The show format, stand-up comedy, is based on the ideas, speculations, intuitions, fears, nightmares and the silliness of each of the performers, filtered through humor and inteligence.

The company exists since 2003, and since 2008 they work in partnership with HBO Romania, where they created four stand-up comedy seasons with the title "Stand-up Café".


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre celebrated on 27 March the World Theatre Day by organizing the 3rd edition of the Doors Open Day.