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The show format, stand-up comedy, is based on the ideas, speculations, intuitions, fears, nightmares and the silliness of each of the performers, filtered through humor and inteligence.

Stand-up Comedy is a relatively new form in Romania but a more and more successful one. The aim of a Stand-up Comedy performance is at least double: it firstly works as a mirror to the society but at the same time it is entertainment, it brings humor, necessary to the social analysis, knowledge and communication.

„Castigat ridendo mores" - one corrects custom through laughter (Jean de Santeul).

The show is a story about myself, about you, about him and especially about her, THE COMEDY.


Date: Tuesday, 15 November
Time: 20:00

Company: MOUVOIR/Stephanie Thiersch
By and with: Viviana Escalé, Inés Hernandez, Mu-Yi Kuo, I-Fen Lin, Victor Launay, Nicolas Robillard, Valenti Rocamora i Tora
In discussion: Anselm Franke
Concept/Dramaturgy: Angela Melitopoulos, Stephanie Thiersch
Choreography and direction: Stephanie Thiersch
Video: Angela Melitopoulos
Video adaptation based on ´Sala de la Tele´: Meggie Schneider
Co-choreography: Alexandra Naudet
Consultant: Gerald Siegmund
Assistant: Angela Harter
Sound/Composition: Vitor Joaquim, Joseph Suchy
Music mix: Lyoudmila Milanova
Costumes: Sabine Schneider
Designer: Stephanie Thiersch, Angela Melitopoulos, Angela Anderson, Niko Moddenborg
Technical Director / Lightning: Niko Moddenborg
Management: Felix Wittek
Organizing: Ines Disselbrede
PR/Marketing: Jessica Otten
Graphic Design: Jörg Waschat
Photography: Tom Trambow

The inaugural edition of the INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS IN CLUJ opens at Cluj-Napoca National Theatre and will take place during 7-9 October 2011. The event will be an annual one and aims to promote the international dialogue through theatre, to disseminate cultural information and to create the opportunity for cultural international collaborations and initiatives. The meetings represent a space for dialogue through art. The festival will have a different theme each year, set by the participants at the previous editions. The themes may vary from general artistic and social points of interest to the focus on artists or cultural currents.


In 2011, the first edition of the festival is dedicated to Gellu Naum (1915-2001), the outstanding Romanian surrealist author. In addition to offering the basis for a dialogue platform and to initiating theatre networking, the festival will present the following: three performances of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre’s productions based on texts by Gellu Naum: ZENOBIA, directed by Mona Marian, FLORENCE IS I (based on the play by Gellu Naum and Jules Perahim), directed by Alexandru Dabija and THE ISLAND, concert-performance by Ada Milea; a special screening of EXACTLY AT THE SAME TIME, a Cluj-Napoca National Theatre production from 2002, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu; the conference Gellu Naum and the European avant-garde presented by Simona Popescu (writer, professor at the Faculty of Letters, Bucharest University) and Ion Pop (literary critic and historian, professor at he Faculty of Letters, Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj); a round table discussion pannel; the Gellu Naum and Jules Perahim Exhibition; book and CD launches.

OTHELLO - András Györgyjakab
DESDEMONA, soţia lui Othello - Enikő Györgyjakab
THE THREE IAGO - Attila Péter Dávid, Attila Nagy, László Szekrényes
EMILIA - Emília Polgár
MAN - László Bajkó
WOMAN - Eszter Nagy

Script and direction: MIHAI MĂNIUŢIU
Choreography: PÉTER URAY
Dramaturgy: IMOLA MÁRTON