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The 5th edition of DOORS OPEN DAY will take place at Cluj-Napoca National Theatre on 27 March 2013, on the World Theatre Day. The event will take place between 11am and 6pm and will include backstage visits guided by actors of the theatre, vocal and instrumental recitals, projections of short films starring actors from out theatre, projection of the production MEMO directed by Monei Marian. There will be an interactive theatre performance for the children, followed by a face painting and balloons sesion. During the entire event, the visitors will be able to see the video exhibition of photos and posters. The theatre will host Doamna T Coffee shop and Bookstory book store.


Stand-up comedy with Dragoș Pop.


Production of Mario Dance Atelier, in collaboration with Cluj-Napoca National Theatre.

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre organizes an event dedicated to the community in Cluj and, through that, to our colleague Mona Marian (Chirilă). The entrance will be free but we do encourage the donations in any amount you decide. The money will be redirected for the medical support of our colleague.


The Doors Open Night will present performances, concerts, recitals, workshops and a comics exhibition. During the event we will also host the Doamna T coffee shop, comics by request, Book Corner Bookstore and the theatre’s bookstore.