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Postat pe 03.22.2010


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre celebrates the World Theatre Day, on Saturday, 27 March 2010, by organizing the 3rd edition of the Doors Open Day event.


The day will start with the Childrens Corner, presenting an interactive performance for children, from 10:00am to 11:30am. This year, the Magician of the Stories, Marian Râlea, invites children to walk on the stage, to become characters and to perform together "The Judgment of the Stories". 

Actors of the Theatre will become guides for backstage visits, scheduled from 12am to 5pm. The visitors will walk on stage, will enter the actors’ dressing rooms and other off-stage spaces. 

This year we inaugurate the "Restitutions" Corner, through which we intend to bring back to the audience’s attention great productions directed by great directors at Cluj National Theatre, performances that represented important moments in the recent history of the Romanian theatre. During the Doors Open Day, between 1pm and 4pm, there will be a video projection of Hamlet by W. Shakespeare, directed by Vlad Mugur, which opened in 2001. The projection will be followed by a Q&A session with actors from the cast.

The Literature Corner, from 4pm to 6pm, invites the audience to attend the debate Viaţa unui om singur, Adrian Marino’s memoires. Host: Ion Vartic, the General Manager of Cluj-Napoca National Theatre. Guests: Lidia Bote-Marino, Ruxandra Cesereanu, Ion Mureşan, Ovidiu Pecican, Marta Petreu, Ion Pop and Adrian Popescu.

From 6pm to 8pm there will be an open rehearsal with fragments from Cluj-Napoca National Theatre’s most recent production: Midsummers Night Dream by W. Shakespeare. The rehearsal will be hosted by the director, Sorin Militaru, and it will be followed by a Q&A session with actors from the cast.

During the Doors Open Day, there will be video-exhibits with photographs form the current productions and posters from the theatre’s archive. In the foyer, in collaboration with Cărtureşti, there will be a book shop with theatre books. Also in collaboration with Cărtureşti, there will be a tee shop, opened from 10am to 6pm