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Postat pe 11.21.2009
WALPURGISNACHT wins the Great Prize and the Prize for Best Actor at the Festival of Contemporary Dramaturgy, Braşov, 2009

The production of Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, WALPURGISNACHT by Venedikt Erofeev, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu, presented at the Festival of Contemporary Dramaturgy in Braşov, 21st edition, was awarded two of the most important prizes of the Festival.

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre presented two performances of  WALPURGISNACHT on 15 November 2009 at "Sică Alexandrescu" Theatre in Braşov and was awarded with the Great Prize of the Festival (for the Best Production) and the Best Actor Prize for Ionuţ Caras, in the role of Gurevici (ex aequo with Marcel Iureş).

This year’s edition of the Festival had 10 productions in the competition: The Comedy Theatre, Bucharest, ACT Theatre, Bucharest, Târgu Mureş National Theatre, "Sică Alexandrescu" Theatre, Braşov, The Small Theatre, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, "Maria Filotti" Theatre, Brăila, "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre, Bucharest,  "L.S. Bulandra" Theatre, Bucharest and Odeon Theatre, Bucharest. 

The members of the jury were Andreea Dumitru, Oltiţa Cântec and Doru Mareş, theatre critics.

The Festival of Contemporary Dramaturgy, Braşov, started in 1978 and is organized by "Sică Alexandrescu" Theatre. A unique event in the country, it invites both productions based on contemporary plays and related debates and book releases. The festival awards prizes for best actor, best actress, best set design, best director, best production (the Great Prize) and a special prize offered by the Jury.