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Produced by: "Mihai Eminescu" National Theatre in Timișoara 

Lying at the intersection between words and silence, between movement and absolute stillness, there is always a love story. For love alone can bring hope, however distant salvation may appear. Rambuku by Jon Fosse, the most translated contemporary Norwegian playwright and one of the most performed European authors in recent years, is and intense and fascinating theatre production, a stage play about the human being as both effect and cause, as depositary and receiver of emotions - all emotions - and, most of all, about the way in which love is able to survive history, matter, life itself.


The performance will be presented during the International Meetings in Cluj, on the main stage of the National Theatre in Cluj, on October 12, 2018, at 9 pm. 





Translated in Romanian by: DARIA IOAN




Him: Ion Rizea

Her: Claudia Ieremia

Rambuku: Andrea Gavriliu, Ada Dumitru, Adrian Loghin, Alexandru Ioan Pântea, Ana Negrescu, Andreea Elena Giurgiu, Ciprian Valea, Eugen Curelici, Eva Maria Danciu, Ioana Repciuc, Ionuț Iova, Mario Valdelvira Garcia, Raul Lăzărescu, Roxana Fânață, Sebastian Vâlcea, Ștefania Misăilă, Vlad Cireșan


Directed by: Mihai Măniuțiu

Set design: Adrian Damian

Choreography: Andreea Gavriliu

Original music: Mihai Dobre

Lighting design: Lucian Moga


Premiere: July 15, 2017


1 h 15 min.