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A project by Texte bune în locuri nebune


The reading-performance Letters from the Front is based on Romanian soldiers' memoirs from several fronts of the two World Wars. The text also includes passages from Romanian soldiers' letters from Afghanistan. They are simple, raw, and brutally honest confessions. This confession-performance weighs upon the horrors of war and its tragic consequences, but also upon the patriotic feeling. The Letters from the Front were first read in the mess-room of the Gemina Infantry Fourth Division Headquarters, in front of military staff and civilian spectators. 



Good texts in crazy places started from the Cluj underground, more exactly from the crazy Bohemian atmosphere of the Insomnia club, and is conceived as an artistic journey through various unconventional spaces from Cluj and from the country. Our performances highlight especially texts with dramatic thrills which have not, however, been written for the stage: obscure literature fragments, literary experiments or even fragments from the great literature. The basic source of inspiration will be not just the written book, but rather the word in itself (the word that destroys, creates, shades, but also needs protection).

Ionuț Caras



A new project has come to the fore in the cultural landscape of Cluj, aiming to dwelve through the means of performance art (but not quite in the sense we've become accustomed to from the comfort zone of theatre convention) into an archeology of meanings, drawn from important texts of local and universal literature, but also from pages less-known to the public. The approach of "Good Texts in Crazy Places" is meant to help us reach the function of the word that is integrated within the literary discourse, but transcends its first aim to eventually create a performative alternative in the local cultural space.

Gina Șerbănescu



The performance will be presented during the International Meetings in Cluj, in the Caragiale Hall of the National Theatre in Cluj, on October 11, 2018, at 5 pm, and on October 14, 2018, 3 pm. 


Ionuț Caras

Matei Rotaru

Daniela Purcărea

Ștefan Iancu


Directed by, script, music selection: Ionuț Caras

Lights: Mădălina Mânzat

Sound: Vlad Negrea


Premiere: January 28, 2018


1 h 15 min.