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Postat pe 10.23.2009
Press conference – THE CHERRY OCHARD SEQUEL by Nic Ularu


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre organizes a press conference on Tuesday, 27 October, 12pm, on the second floor foyer, dedicated to the second premiere of the 2009/2010 season, the opening of THE CHERRY OCHARD SEQUEL by Nic Ularu.

The press conference will be attended by Professor Ion Vartic Ph.D, the general manager of Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, Mihai Măniuţiu, Artistic Manager, Nic Ularu, author of the play, stage designer and director of the production, and actors from the cast.

The production is a national premiere.

The play premiered at the famous LaMaMa ETC. in New-York, on 24 February 2008, directed and designed by Nic Ularu. The production was higly praised by the critics in Variety and New-York Times. New-York Times called it "a sparkling surprise, helped along by fine performances all around" and ranked the production on top 7 out of 76 most recommended in New-York, in March 2008.