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GOLDBERG SHOW - THE MAKING OF THE WORLD AND OTHER HAPPENINGS, after Goldberg Variations by George Tabori, director: Mihai Măniuţiu 

Aproduction of the "Vasile Alecsandri" National Theatre Iași


director: Mihai Măniuţiu

adaptation: Anca Măniuțiu

stage design: Adrian Damian

costume design: Cristina Milea

choreography: Andrea Gavriliu
original music: Mihai Dobre

lighting design: Lucian Moga, Cristian Şimon



Mr Jay's assistant - Marcel Iureş

Domnul Jay, the director - Călin Chirilă

Madam Mop, the cleaning woman - Tatiana Ionesi

Tereza Tormentina, superstar - Livia Iorga

Ernestina van Veen, the set designer - Doina Deleanu

The choreographer, the Golden calf- Oana Sandu

The main singer of the Hell's Angels - Cosmin Maxim

Raema, actor - Doru Aftanasiu

Maş, actor - Ionuţ Cornilă

Iafet, actor - Radu Ghilaş


The chief of the technical staff- Horia Veriveş

Hell’s Angels, dancers – Andrei Andriucă, Diana Beşchia, Iuliana Budeanu, Gelu Ciobotaru, Biatrice Cozmolici, Mariana Dumitrache, Ana Maria Fasolă, Radu Homiceanu, Andrei Iurescu, Alexandra Macovei, Laura Mătiuţ, Nicoleta Miru, Sebastian Munteanu, Beatrice Teişanu, Irina Tocănel, Alexandru Torboli

The charm of the text and the inexhaustible source of comic in The Goldberg Show comes from the mixture of plans: the creation of the world, after the Bible, mixted with the plan of the creation of a performance (from the first reharsals on the stage to the premiere) - theatre in theatre and the theatre as a methaphor of the world. Therefore, The Goldberg Show is a mix of biblical sequences - the original sin, Cain and Abel, the dance around the Golden Calf, Moses and Aaron, the crucifixion of Jesus - with the private lives of the actors, and various events and stories from the rehearsals for the biblical performance. Mr. Jay's troupe of is full of frustration and apathy, the director's unequal and choleric attitude has cut off all the pleasure to act. Goldberg makes desperate efforts to temper Mr Jay and motivate actors to keep on performing. To all this, there are also to be added the jealousy, the gossip, the caprices, the foolishness, and the rage bursts of the actors.

The Goldberg Show is a grotesque farce with deeper meanings and flashes of black humor, which lets appear from behind the horror of crimes coming from the distant or recent past.

1 h 35 min.