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Adaptation based on The Chekhov Machinery by Matei Vișniec

Director: Cătălin Bocîrnea

Cast: Alex Popa, Irina Sibef, Radu Dogaru, Nicole Burlacu, Cosmin Stănilă

The performance is adapted from M. Vișniec's text The Chekhov Machinery, and tries to answer the question concerning the creator's alienation within death-preceding loneliness, a loneliness the author of imaginary, but possible worlds can bear only by letting himself be „haunted" by his own written, expressed and assumed characters. In Mr. Vișniec's text, Anton Pavlovici reaches this solipsist conception, which the theatre adaptation tries to further express.

 This performance enabled us to answer another question that torments theatre science, one regarding the way in which Chekhov could or should be played nowadays. Our team considered that Chekhov must be analyzed and played because he's still an author that could lead to reconstructing the analysis of ardent human experiences, inevitably connected to the ultimate natural denouement, which is death. The performance exhibits the search of empathy, of human feelings, in an unlaboured track of analysis of emotional effusions. It's not a search for personality or for characters, but a pure search for human feelings in a Pirandellian context.


45 min.