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Books and Theatre in Search of the Author

The sixth edition of the International Meetings in Cluj, dedicated to the Search for the Author, brought together, in the same tent of the Transylvania International Book Festival, authors, translators and editors for whom drama, poetry and critical analysis orbit around a shared love for the Art of Theatre. Anca and Mihai Măniuțiu, Ion Pop, Ștefana and Ioan Pop-Curșeu initiated a delicate and evocative dialogue with such important authors like Robert Cohen or Tristan Tzara, at the same time turning towards their own creations, as they were themselves, as authors, read by the subtle readers who know how to find pleasure in reading. 


The following books have been launched:

- Bzzap!, by Robert Cohen, translated by Eugen Wohl, Cluj-Napoca, Casa Cărții de Știință, 2016;
- Seven Dada Manifestos, Lampisteries, Approximate Man, by Tristan Tzara, translated by Ion Pop, Iași, Polirom, 2016;

- Directorial Poetics, by Anca Măniuțiu, Cluj-Napoca, Casa Cărții de Știință, 2016;

- You, by Mihai Măniuțiu, Bucharest, Tracus Arte Publishing House, 2016;

- Studia UBB Dramatica, "Dada>100, Art/Life/Museum, Dadaism and Performing Arts", 1/2016, homage volume Dada Centenary, Cluj University Press, 2016.

We would like to thank the partners of Cluj-Napoca National Theatre for this beautiful collaboration and we would like to congratulate the authors of the fourth edtion of Transylvania International Book Festival:

Alessandro Baricco (Italy) - Grand Prize of TIBF 2016 for his world renowned works.

Mircea Cărtărescu (Romania) -"Book of the Year - Romania novel of the third millennium"Prize for the novel Solenoid

Andrei Codrescu (USA) - "Life as a poem" Prize for his entire activity as a poet

Franco Moretti (Italy) - "Mundus Comparationis" Prize, for his work as a world renowned comparatist and literary theoretician.

Ana Blandiana (Romania) - "Great Transylvanian Writers" Prize

Adam Puslojić (Serbia) - "Honorary citizen of Romanian Literature" Prize for his translations into Serbian and Croatian. Awarded by "Octavian Goga" County Library Cluj

Mario Bojórquez (Mexico)  - "Literature without borders" Prize for his poetic and essayistic works.

Alí Calderón (Mexico) - "Literature without borders" Prize for his poetic and essayistic works.

Mite Stefoski (Macedonia) - "Literature without borders" Prize for his poetic and essayistic works.

Josef Straka (Czech Republic) - "Literature without borders" Prize for his poetic and essayistic works.

Étienne Verhasselt (Belgium) - "The Magic of literature" Prize for the volume Lost Steps

Gabriela Lungu (Romania) - "Romanian language demonstration" Prize for translating Alessandro Baricco

Adrian Popescu (Romania) - "Romanian language demonstration" Prize for translating Alessandro Baricco

Doru Radosav (Romania) - "Open libraries" Prize for his dedication to Books.

Mircia Dumitrescu (Romania) - "Alexandru Căprariu - people in the service of books" Prize for his original contributions to Romanian book graphics.

Ruxandra Cesereanu (Romania) - Excellence Prize for her constant support of the festival.

The Association Cluj-Napoca 2021 - European Capital of Culture. Executive team: Florin Moroşanu (President), Rariţa Zbranca, István Szakáts, Tudor Giurgiu, Ştefania Robu, Miana Domide, Andi Daiszler, Ştefan Teișanu (Executive Manager) - " The cultural Cluj of tomorrow" Prize.