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Postat pe 02.19.2016
The production THE CHERRY ORCHARD will be presented in Florence and Modena


At the invitation of Fondazione Teatro della Toscana Florence and Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione Modena, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre will present the production THE CHERRY ORCHARD by A.P. Chekhov, director Roberto Bacci, in the two cities in Italy, from 23 to 28 February 2015.


The representations will take place according to the following schedule:


23 February, 08:45 p.m., at Teatro della Pergola, Florence

24 February, 08:45 p.m., at Teatro della Pergola, Florence

27 February, 08:00 p.m., at Teatro Storchi, Modena

28 February, 03:30 p.m., at Teatro Storchi, Modena 


A symphony in white would be the proper name for this orchard because the stage is inundated by the color white: transparent white curtains which circumscribe the performance spaces, white flower petals fill the cherry orchard, being scattered both on stage and on the runway that leads to the auditorium. The auditorium chairs are also white, thus allowing the spectators to take part in the characters’ inner struggle. The only dark shade in this décor is represented by Lopakhin, the man of the matter, whose existence is divided between the practical world of the newly rich, and the world of the orchard, a world of gratuitous beauty. The orchard represents the melancholy, the past and the tranquility of the traditional world, a certain calmness, the harmony between man and nature, to which Lopakhin’s  modern, merchant-like, attitude appears as foreign and strange. The orchard belongs to a lost past, it is the orchard of the dead. The orchard re-echoes sounds, noises, nostalgia and disillusion which are all too familiar to every one of us.

Roberto Bacci is Artistic Manager and founder of Fondazione Pontedera Teatro in Italy. Fondazione Pontedera Teatro, which uses this name since 1999, was established in 1974 as Centro per la Sperimentazione e la Ricerca Teatrale (The Center for Theatre Experiment and Research). Inspired by the Living Theatre, its founders created “a theatre which was needed by very few at the beginning, handmade, poor and megalomaniac, but envisioned for a large scale; isolated, at the beginning, in the little town where it started, but starting connections with theatres from a great distance (first of all Eugenio Barba’s Odin Teatret and Jerzy Grotowski’s Laboratory Theatre)“ - Since 2002, Fondazione Pontedera Teatro is the theatre coordinator of Fabbrica Europa Festival, the most important and well known Contemporary Art Festival in Toscana. 

This is the Italian director’s second collaboration with the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre. In 2012, Roberto Bacci directed in Cluj Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a highly successful production, currently in the repertoire of the Cluj Napoca National Theatre.