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For deeply human values

Starting this year, the International Meetings in Cluj have a new traditional partner ready for long-term theatrical journeys. We are referring to the WENS Travel travel agency and its manager, Mrs. Mihaela Călușer.


Mrs. Mihaela Călușer's involvement in the community is well-known to the citizens of Cluj, as she is a member of the Business Women Association of Cluj and is involved in constantly innovative human and social projects, attentive to the needs of those around her, a person with creative ideas and high quality results, constantly concerned with increasing the level of education through the involvement of Wens Travel in theatre, music and film. 

This fall, together with Wens Travel becoming a partner of our prestigious cultural institution to sustain, together with us, the artistic and social dialogue, the education through intercultural exchange and the encouragement of the intellectual performance of the young people of Cluj, Mrs. Mihael Călușer has also shown deep involvement in favor of human values, by organizing in Cluj, together with the Open your Heart Association, the event Atypical Beauty 2015.


On 27 October, we could witness the Casino Park urban culture center, a very special and emotional fashion show in which young women in wheelchairs presented creations of Romanian designers to encourage the real integration of disabled people in the Romanian Society. Truly special moments, in which beauty was exhibited alongside the problems these lively people deal with, people that desire a normal existence in a solidary, open and generous society. We would like to congratulate the organizers and to encourage them in these initiatives, at the same time joining this social, artistic and deeply human enterprise.