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About theatre festivals at Liberty Technology Park

In its fifth day (Saturday, 10 October, 11:00 a.m.) of our festival THE INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS IN CLUJ, with the topic Our Europe, a special event took place, hosted by the trusted sponsor of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre: Liberty Technology Park Cluj. It was a round table dedicated to the Theatre Festivals in the current international context. The extremely interesting and professional discussion was moderated by Roberto Bacci, the artistic director of Teatro Nazionale della Toscana, joined by the most important international festival directors from Portugal, Turkey, Serbia, Spain, Germany and, of course, Romania.

This round table was designed to be a good opportunity for a direct meeting between artists and festival creators on the one side, and, on the other, a meeting with that essential segment of the business world which supports and tries to solve delicate problems. All the sponsors and current partners of Cluj-Napoca National Theatre were invited to speak, as well as other personalities and teams willing to join us in our enterprises of intellectual and creative mobilization through Theatre.


We would like to thank Mrs. Nina Moldovan and Mrs. Angela Potra for their welcome and we hope that, as a result of this dialogue, we can increase the potential of our collaborations, create a platform for common innovative projects and find new sources for national and international promotion of the human and cultural values we believe in.