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A premiere with two parents at the “Art Club“ Studio

For the beginning of the 2015-2016 theatre season, our friend and a great theatre aficionado Ferenz Koos has once again proven that his belief in the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre is unshaken, by contributing to the creation of a production by a young director.

After last year, when he created the optimal conditions in his residence for an exceptional theatrical experiment, Demons by Lars Noren directed by Răzvan Mureșan, with actors from Cluj-Napoca National Theatre and the Hungarian State Theatre, this autumn he becomes the second parent of the production Richard III is forbidden, by Matei Vișniec, largely supporting the the production at the "Art Club" Studio.

Present at the premiere on 18 September, Mr. Koos expressed his appreciation for the work of the actors and of the director:


"I appreciate Răzvan's work, confirming the quality of his artistic work up to this moment. But I think Radu and Matei proved to be extraordinary. The play gave these actors the possibility to create true, multidimensional, non-linear characters. I have seen Radu on stage several times before, in roles were the actors were a compact mass on stage, but here it is something else, it is an individualized role; in Răzvan's productions, these roles are real and designed for real people."

A collaboration that honors us and brings us great joy, a joy shared with our loyal spectators.