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Emanuel Petran | actor



3 April 1969, Surduc, jud. Sălaj


Departament of Theatre, Faculty of Letters, "Babeş-Bolyai" University, Cluj, class of 1997, Professor Marius Bodochi.

Professional background:
Actor of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre since 1999.

Satu Mare Nord Theatre, 1997-1999.

Prizes received:

Nominated for the "Hop" Young Actor’s Gala, Costineşti, 1999, for the role of The Grandfather in Carol by Slavomir Mrožek.

Workshops attended:
David Esrig, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre (2008);

Andrei Şerban, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre (2005);
Radu Penciulescu, Arcuş (1996).


Activity at the National Theatre

  • ANGEL AND DEMON after poems by Mihai Eminescu and Veronica Micle (2024) - director, set and costume design and music selection
  • KISS ME by Vlad Zografi (2022) - director

Other activities

Theatre roles:


Satu Mare Nord Theatre:

- Ion in Chiriţa returns, based on V. Alecsandri, directed by: Andrei Mihalache;

- Danton in Robespierre by George Astaloş, directed by: Cristian Ioan;

- Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare;

- Jigalov in The Wedding by A.P. Checkhov, directed by: Adrian Roman.


Film roles:

- Norocel, directed by: Radu Gabrea, 2001.