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Diana Buluga | actress



12 January 1988, Huși, Vaslui


- MA: Theatre, Film and Multimedia (Acting) - Faculty of Theatre and Television, "Babeș-Bolyai"  University Cluj-Napoca (2012)

- BA: Acting - Faculty of Theatre and Television, "Babeș-Bolyai" University Cluj-Napoca, professors Ionuț Caras and Mara Opriș (2010)

Professional background:

Actress of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre since 2013.

Project coordinator/actor al within the independent theatre and film company Create.Act.Enjoy since 2012. 


Prizes received:

- Award for Excellence at Feminine, Culture category  - Feminine Excellence Gala AFA (2014);

- Special Prize of the Jury for This is my body. Come into my mind, director Alexandra Felseghi - Iași Fringe Festival (2013);

- Special Prize of the Jury for This is my body. Come into my mind, director Alexandra Felseghi - "Orfeu" Young Theatre Festival (2012);


- People's Choice Award for Eden, directors Ionuț Caras and Mara Opriș - "HOP" Young Actors Gala (2010).

Workshops attended:

- Film acting workshop "The face that tells a story", held by Emil Slotea and Andra Chiriac - Cluj-Napoca (2012);

- Movement and corporal expression workshop held by Anna Wehsarg (Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch) - Cluj-Napoca (2011);

- Workshop "ImageWork Training and Michael Chekhov Technique" held by David Zinder - Cluj-Napoca (2011);

- Movement and corporal expression workshop held by Marc Bogaerts Cluj-Napoca (2010);

- Movement and corporal expression workshop held by Florin Fieroiu, Mangalia (2010);

- Workshop "The advantages and risks of social networks" held by Ionuț Caras - Buznea (2010);

- Workshop on sport-theatre held by Dragoș Muscalu - Iași (2010);

- Workshop on dance and corporal expression held by Samuel Mathieu - Toulouse - France (2009);

- Workshop on dance-theatre held by Mihai Mihalcea (National Dance Center) - Cluj-Napoca (2009);

- Workshop on media-theatre held by Cyrill Teste (director) and Patrick Laffont (Visual Arts) from France - Cluj-Napoca (2009);

- Assistant - Workshop held by Robert Cohen (USA) - Cluj-Napoca (2009);

- Assistant - Workshop held by David Esrig (Germ.) - Cluj-Napoca (2008);

- Workshop on dance-theatre and corporal expression held by Frederic Etcheverry and Gloria Aras Gasent( France) - Cluj-Napoca (2008);

- Workshop on choreography held by Valentina di Piante and Vava Ştefănescu - Cluj-Napoca (2008);

- Workshop on Commedia dell'Arte held by Gaspare Nasuto (Italy) -  Cluj-Napoca (2008);

- Acting workshop held by Efrat Stempler - Cluj-Napoca (2007);

- Acting workshop held by Extea Company - Cluj-Napoca (2007). 


Foreign languages:
English, French.


Activity at the National Theatre


Other activities

Theatre roles:

Galia in SURVIVOR, Raul and Anca Ștef, director: Alexandra Felseghi, Zorki Photo Cafe Cluj-Napoca (2015);

- The Woman in SNAP based on texts by Eric Bogosian, director: Cristian Pascariu, Cluj-Napoca (2013);

- The Feminist in EVA, Liviu Dănceanu, director and choreography: Melinda Jakab Modern Cluj - Cluj-Napoca National Opera (2013);

- Miki.Miki Duță in A TOAST WTH THE DEVIL, based on M.J. Weeks, director: Cristian Pascariu, Cluj-Napoca (2013);

- She in  THIS IS MY BODY. COME INTO MY MIND, dance-theatre production, director: Alexandra Felseghi, movement coordinator :Melinda Jakab, The Paintbrush Factory, Cluj-Napoca (2012);

-  Laura in BUNGEE-JUMPING OR THE STORY OF THE GOLD FISH, Jaan Tätte, director: Florin Ionescu, "Tony Bulandra" Theatre, Târgoviște (2011);

-  Resident Koko in SPACE DRAGONIADE, director: Cristian Pascariu, Cluj-Napoca (2011);

-  Police woman/Dr. M in ONLY FOR THREE DAYSby Georg Staudacher, director: Florin Ionescu, Deva Art Theatre (2011);

- Ilse in SPRING AWAKENING, by Frank Wedekind, director: Mc. Ranin, Deva Art Theatre (2011);

-  Death in FRIDA. IMPRESSIONSdance-theatre, director: Mc. Ranin, choreography: Hugo Wolf, Deva Art Theatre (2011);

- The Girl in EXERCISE OF EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE  within TedX, director: Cristian Luchian, Cluj-Napoca (2010);

-  Suzanne in IT'S JUST THE END OF THE WORLD, de Jean -Luc Lagarcedirector: Diana Dragoș, Cluj-Napoca (2010);

-  A beggar in EXERCISE OF NONVERBAL LANGUAGEdirector: Alexandru Pamfile, Cluj-Napoca (2010);

-  Irma Grese in AN ANGEL OF DEATH, based on Jo Davidsmeyer, director: Diana Buluga and Cristian Pascariu, Cluj-Napoca (2010).


Film roles:

Andreea in A YEAR LATER, director: Cristian Pascariu (2012)


Roles in productions for children:

- Gretel/Storyteller in  HANSEL ŞI GRETEL, Libelula Puppet Theatre, Cluj-Napoca (2013);

- Little Red Riding Hood/Grandmother/Storyteller  in THE WONDER RIDING HOOD, Libelula Puppet Theatre, Cluj-Napoca (2013);

- The dog/The Rooster in MUSICIANS OF BREMEN, Libelula Puppet Theatre, Cluj-Napoca (2013).


Roles in student productions:

- Maria in STARS IN THE MORNING SKY by Aleksandr Galin, director Ionuţ Caras;

- Lady Anne in CROWN. EXERCISE ON POWER, based on Richard IIRichard IIIHamlet, Macbeth by William Shakespeare, director Ionuţ Caras and Mara Opriş;

- Alciona Bellanotte in WHY DO THEY PULL THE ROPES, PULCINELLA?!, Commedia dell'Arte performance, collective script, director Ionuţ Caras and Mara Opriş;

- Robin in LORD OF THE FLIES, based on William Golding, director Ionuţ Caras and Mara Opriş;

- Eva in EDEN, a corporal language performance based on The Genesis from The Bible, director Ionuţ Caras and Mara Opriş.



- Theaterstock International Arts Festival - Bacău, România (2015)

- CooltUrban - Urban Culture Festival - Cluj-Napoca, România (2015)

- Days of North - Darabani, România (2015)

- Almada International Theatre Festival - Almada, Portugalia (2015)

- Sibiu International Theatre Festival - Sibiu, România (2015)

-  "Vin' la teatru" Independent Theatre Festival - Focșani, România (2014)

- New Theatre International Festival - Arad, România (2014)

- Colours of Cluj - Cluj-Napoca, România (2013)

- Sibiu Fringe Festival - Sibiu, România (2013)

- Cluj Never Sleeps - Cluj Napoca, România (2013)

- Iași Fringe Festival - Iași, România (2013)

- Faces Without Masks" International Theatre Festival - Skopje, Macedonia (2013)

- Kerala International Theatre Festival (ITFoK), India (2013)

- "Orfeu"Theatre for the Young Festival - Otopeni, România (2012)

- Antalya International Theatre Festival, Turcia (2012)

- Photo Romania Festival, Cluj-Napoca, România (2012)

- The National Theatre Festival - Galați, România (2010)

- Young Actor's Gala "HOP" - Mangalia, România (2010)

-  "ArsTenebris" Tenebrous Arts Festival - Râșnov, România (2010)

- "Galactoria" Student Theatre Festival - Cluj-Napoca, România (2010)

- "Contemporanis" Student Theatre Festival - Iaşi, România (2010)

- "SPOT" International Theatre Festival - Carei, România (2010)

- "Pledez pentru tine(ri)" Theatre Festival - Piatra Neamț, România (2010)

- Project FABREC - Toulouse, Franţa (2009)

- "SPOT" International Theatre Festival- Carei, România (2009)

- "Ideo Ideis" National Theatre Festival - Alexandria, România (2006)

-  "Artscene" International Theatre Festival - Gent, Belgia (2005)


Other activities:

- Coordinating and implementing art therapy projects within Create.Act.Enjoy;

- Coordinating and implementing cultural projects within Create.Act.Enjoy;


- Workshop coordination (non-formal education).