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Miron Maxim | actor



25 October 1987, Baia-Mare


"Babeş-Bolyai" University , Faculty of Theatre and Television, BA in Acting, Professor  Miriam Cuibus, class of 2009.

Professional background:

Actor of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre since 2011.

Prizes received:

Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role: Cristian Rigman for the role of Jakub Kac (1919-1941), Radu Lărgeanu for the role of Rysiek (1919-1942)Miron Maxim for the role of Menachem (1919-1975)Cătălin Herlo for the role of Zygmunt (1918-1977)Ovidiu Crișan for the role of Heniek (1919-2001)Matei Rotaru for the role of Władek (1919-2001)Ionuț Caras for the role of Abram (1920-2003) in the production Our Class by Tadeusz Słobodzianek, director: Bocsárdi László, at the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre Awards Gala, 2016.

Workshops attended:

Master class led by Michael Page, USA, Shakespeare’s language, March-April 2008, Cluj Napoca;
Workshop, ETXEA Company France, Experimental Theatre, November 2007, Cluj Napoca;
Master class led by Izumi Ashizawa, Japan, Neo-Nô Theatre, April 2007, Cluj Napoca;
Workshop led by Adva Zakai, Israel, Experimental Theatre, November 2006, Cluj Napoca;
Workshop led by Gyula Berger and Marta Ladjanski, Hungary, Contact Improvisation, November 2006, Cluj Napoca.


Activity at the National Theatre


Other activities

- Avram in THE MONSTROUS STORY OF THE MAID WAITING FOR THE SUN TO COME UP by Alexa Băcanu, directed by Diana Dragoş, Reactor de Creaţie şi Experiment, 2015;
- Tomas in THE DEMONS BY Lars Noren, directed by Răzvan Mureşan, produced by ARTIMO and Jolly Theatre, 2013.

- Petre in CHUCK NORRIS vs. COMMUNISM, directed by Ilinca Călugareanu, 2015;
- Andrei in ROCKNROLL STICKS, script and direction: Cristian Pascariu, short film, 2010.

Roles in student productions

- X, in CLOUD, by Christian Palustran, 2009;

- Checkhov in THE CHECKHOV MACHINE by Matei Vişniec, 2009;
- Egeus, Snug, The Lion in A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM by William Shakepeare, 2008;
- Dottore Eustachio in The Praise of Macabrella, the one with all her clothes unbuttoned, commedia dell’ arte performance, 2008;
- Martin in ON HEROES AND TOMBS based on a novel by Ernesto Sabato, 2007.