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by Marin Sorescu

stage director: Claudiu Bleonț
set and costume design: Andrada Chiriac
video: Sebastian Gherman

one-man show with: Claudiu Bleonț

We live in difficult times. Only those who do not want to see remain blind, only those who do not know how to listen remain deaf. Beyond the screens of contemporary gadgets, beyond the spectacle of war, news, televised exhibitionism, there are billions of souls who suffer or rejoice silently…
Thus, to reconsider Sorescu’s text today is to turn precisely to these souls, to give ourselves a few peaceful moments, concentrating on our own heartbeat, on our own thoughts, sighs and unspoken hopes. The sexton is a human being who, by doing his very best and by exhausting all of his resources, tries to find the meaning of life. In our encounter with him, we go through the stages and the profound states of human existence, touching the depths of darkness only in order to share in the blinding light of the sacred, which we desire without really knowing it.
And if the world tells us, now more than ever: “I am worn out, consumed by history, geography, by all these souls, by everything – there is no tomorrow, I am exhausted for good”, we can look back at the path we’ve walked and respond, with the sexton: “We shouldn’t lose faith just like that. The candle must endure” – but perhaps not “as if everything were alright”.


Ștefana Pop-Curșeu



Opening date: Sunday, December 11 2022