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by Andriy Bondarenko
translated into Romanian by Raluca Rădulescu

stage reading

director: Ştefana Pop-Curşeu
set and costume design: Radu Lărgeanu

Mihai-Florian Nițu
Silvius Iorga

We are used to thinking that we are safe, that our daily life will continue unchanged or become even better, provided that we make an effort. We are used to playing with life, acting it out, to fictionalising war even as children, taking down planes and submarines on a game board with numbers and letters. Then, how can one react when, without warning, fiction turns into the darkest reality? When the air raid siren turns dreams into nightmares, and tomorrow and the day after are mere pages ripped out of a useless diary? 

When the shocking realisation of the breakdown of our world, with all of its landmarks, finally gives way to the first timid reflections, you suddenly realise that “something indescribable has happened, the unreal has become reality”. And then, if you are overwhelmed by chaotic memories, if you try but cannot piece together what has happened because the sound and the smell of death still haunt you, if you start doubting the realness of your own body, and your own image becomes double and then crumbles… it means you are suffering from survivor’s syndrome, it means you are still alive and you must keep fighting for your life.

Opening date: Thursday, September 29 2022

Art Museum
35 min.