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based on ”A Lost Letter” by I.L. Caragiale

concert-performance by: Ada Milea
songs by: Ada Milea, Anca Hanu
set and costumes design, light design, video transcript, breaking news: Andu Dumitrescu
stage movement: Andrea Gavriliu

The Prefect: Miron Maxim
Zoe: Diana-Ioana Licu
Zaharia Trahanache: Cornel Răileanu
Cațavencu: Cristian Rigman
Ghiță: Ruslan Bârlea
Mr. Dandanache and Mrs. Brânzovenescu: Anca Hanu
Mrs. Farfuridi: Adriana Băilescu
The drunken citizens: Radu Dogaru, Mihnea Blidariu

stage manager: Vlad Negrea
lighting technicians: Mădălina Mânzat, Jenel Moldovan, Andrei Mitran
sound technician: Marius Rusu
video technician: Vasile Crăciun

This year, upon celebrating 170 years since the birth of the great Romanian playwright I.L Caragiale, Ada Milea reinvents the by-now-classical characters of the ridiculous Romanian political class in a playful and original manner; in her constantly inventive and explosive style, she manages to perfectly capture Caragiale’s sarcasm. The characters are more alive than ever, as relevant as possible for our historical moment and worthy of Caragiale’s deeply critical gaze, as well as his bitter laughter. The eternal party interests, valued above any civic or moral code, the hidden passions and dramatic clashes, the constantly excusable corruption and servility towards those in power, empty patriotism, as well as the idiotic naivety and the constant drunkenness which obliviate the last traces of clear thinking and decency – all of these make up the fabulous score and the monstrously comical panorama of a society which has been with us ever since the nineteenth century.   


Opening date: Thursday, June 23 2022

Next performance
Tuesday, June 18 2024, at 19:00
Main stage
1h 15 min.