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based on Vasile Alecsandri and Matei Millo

concert-performance by: Ada Milea
songs by: Ada Milea, Anca Hanu
set and costumes design: Alexandra Constantin
lighting designer: Jenel Moldovan

Chiritza Bârzoi: Anca Hanu
Bârzoi: Cornel Răileanu
Aristitza: Mihnea Blidariu
Calipsitza: Cristian Rigman
Lulutza: Sânziana Tarța
Gulitză: Miron Maxim
Leonash: Matei Rotaru
The Conmen: Radu Dogaru, Cosmin Stănilă

stage manager: Răzvan Pojonie
lights technician: Mădălina Mânzat
sound technician: Marius Rusu, Vlad Negrea

Dear spectators, forgive me for turning Alecsandri into something ye might not recognize, for blending him with Millo and with ourselves. Mine intentions were well-meant, as I only wanted today's values or lack thereof should be expressed through the literary-musical arrangements we put on the stage. Forgive me also for using Moldavian tongue on a Transylvanian land. I come from Transylvania myself and it's hard for me as well, I keep on making mistakes, but what can I do? I have too much respect for the origins of the characters to ignore how they genuinely speak. Mine thanks to the theatre for the wonderful Anca Hanu, with whom I worked at texts and songs, and who is so well able to convey Chiritza's speech and soul. I eagerly await for ye to see all that our wonderful team hath prepared for the production, and to laugh at them with sorrow and with joy.

Ada Milea

Ticket prices:

60 lei, 50 lei, 40 lei, 30 lei, 20 lei, 10 lei (depending on the seat location);

10 lei (discounts for pupils and students);
20 lei, 15 lei (discounts for pensioners).



Opening date: Thursday, February 28 2019

Next performances
Sunday, October 20 2019, 19:00
Sunday, October 27 2019, 18:00 , Teatrul Odeon, Sala Majestic, București, în cadrul Festivalului Național de Teatru
Sunday, October 27 2019, 21:00 , Teatrul Odeon, Sala Majestic, București, în cadrul Festivalului Național de Teatru
Thursday, November 14 2019, 19:00
Main stage
1h 5 min.


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