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by Alina Nelega

director and set and costumes design: Tudor Lucanu

Irina Wintze
Anca Hanu
Patricia Brad
Angelica Nicoară
Alexandra Tarce
Diana Buluga

stage manager: Constantin Pojonie
lights technician: Mădălina Mânzat, Alexandru Corpodean, Ionuț Maier
sound technician: Vasile Crăciun

"An ordinary car incident congests the traffic and provides the possibility of analysis of the inner worlds of some women with different typologies. The story of each character is emphasized, and they all have in common the aggression of the contemporary society. Physical and psychical violence, fear, family ties, lack of mercy, adultery, indifference and misogyny are just a few of the elements that transform these aggressed souls into aggressors. Violence generates violence. Hopefully, when the traffic jam decongests, everything will go back to NORMAL."

Tudor Lucanu

Ticket prices:

25 lei, 20 lei;

10 lei - discounts for pupils, students, pensioners.

Opening date: Friday, November 28 2014

"Euphorion" Studio
1h 10 min.