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by Aureliu Manea

director: Gábor Tompa
dramaturgy: András Visky
set and costume design: Carmencita Brojboiu



Bride I: Anca Hanu
The Old Lady: Angelica Nicoară
Bride II: Romina Merei
Circe: Miriam Cuibus
Ulysses: Cătălin Herlo


The director: Cătălin Herlo
The actress: Miriam Cuibus
The actor: Adrian Cucu
The figurant: Romina Merei
The Theatre Institute graduate: Angelica Nicoară
Prince Charming: Anca Hanu


The mother: Miriam Cuibus
The son: Cătălin Herlo
The daughter: Angelica Nicoară

stage manager: Doru Bodrea
lights technician: Jenel Moldovan, Mădălina Mânzat
sound technician: Vasile Crăciun
prompter: Ana Maria Moldovan

The Aureliu Manea Trilogy, directed by Gábor Tompa, dramaturg András Visky, presents the only three plays written by the director Aureliu Manea, Penelope remains pensive, The theatre rehearsal, The eastern fairy, in a special setting, with a strong visual effect, designed by Carmencita Brojboiu. Face to face with fascinating characters, through the weirdness of their presence and, paradoxically, through the effectiveness of their experience,  the audience is invited to viscerally emphasize with the inhabitants of  this world, build by the visionary eye of a theatre passionate, for whom "the theatre performances are celebrations of a free life".

Like Gábor Tompa emphasizes "it is extremely difficult to reach the universe of these texts and to decipher them with the type of ratio we want to apply to them, when we try to understand them. I believe that Manea’s texts and, of course, his plays, must be red as the texts of a prophet. The prophets have not always been understood by their contemporaries. They have been sent by God and sometimes they have produced scandals. [...] Manea’s texts go beyond reason as these texts attempt to shake the mankind on a different level, an emotional one, and, maybe, a visceral one, because it is theatre. Figures resembling actors existed in this dramaturgy of the prophets. Maybe they were the ancestors of the actors, invested by God to do what they were doing. Deeds which may be seen as scandalous sometimes, but which also happen on stage. These scandals may happen. That is why there are no taboos on stage, so that they don’t occur in the daily life."


Ticket prices:

25 lei, 20 lei;

10 lei - discounts for pupils, students, pensioners.


Opening date: Saturday, October 5 2013

"Euphorion" Studio
1h 30 min.